Unwelcomed lunch date

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After the day was half gone I decided to leave work for lunch and go to PINK and meet up with Brooke.

I slowly walked in and saw no one was in the store.

"Yo Brooke!" I yelled like a ganster.

Suddenly a dark blond girl appears from the counter and glars at me madly.

"What you lookin at bitch" I snaped. "Yea what am I looking at?" She snarled. "Bitch please at least my date arnt one who pay me from their car" I smirked. "Trailer trash" She blurted. "Hey I heard there was a new a app, Its called 'Sense of humor' download It bitch!" I smirked.

She rolls her eyes

I smiled and Brooke walks out from the back and looks at the girl at the counter and smiles.

"Im goining to lunch" She snaped and walks away to me.

"Lets go" She smiled.

I smiled and we both walked to the foot court.

"Oh he's cute" Brooke mumbled walking past a tall, Tan, muscular, blonde guy.

I laughed and she looks at me and smirks.

As we both got to the food court I was trambled over the smell of Pizza, Asian, Fryed food and Cookies. We slowly made our way in the center of all the chairs, tables and the stores.

"So what do ya feel like?" I asked looking at Hot Dogz. "Everything" She groand. "Well I say we eat everything" I smiled widely "I kinda want pizza but I had that yesterday, But im eat pizza agian today" She mumbled and walked to Casmo's Pizza. "Uh, Okay Ima go over here I guess!" I yelled as I watched her walk away.

I laughed and walked over to Hot Dogz and got in the short line.

After a wail it was my turn. "A mediem cheese fry and a larg mtn. Dew with no ice" I said looking at the tired skinny man at the cashredgester.

He took a deep breath and roled his eyes and pushed buttons on the cashregister and looks at me slowly. "That'll be $4.68" He mummbled.

As I pulled out a five dollar bill out of my pocket and handed it to the guy.

After he takes the money he gives me my change and leans on the counter.

"So you must love working here" I smirked being a smartass.

He glars at me and the cook rings the bell and hands him my food.

"Heres your food, Have a great day"He said sarcasticly.

After he handed me my tray I turnded around to find Brooke with 3 pizzas and a giant cinninman bun on her tray.

"Wooh, I was kidding when I said we should eat everything we see" I laughed.

She glars at me but she couldnt help but slightly smile.

I grined and walked to one of the open booths with no one around.

When I sat down I layed my feet on the chair on the next table beside us.

"So how was work?" Brooke asked. eating her pizza. "An old man got angry and I pushed over buttons onto the floor, Oh and I saw a really cute guy" I said quickly with out looking up from my cheese frys.

She looks at me for a wail and shruggs and continues eating her pizza.

"What about you" I asked. "Old people buying thongs, Same old, same old" She groand.

I laughed and we continued eating.

"Well If ya looky here" I heard a familiar voice from behinde me.

I quickly turned around to see Kellin walking towrds me smiling.

"Well what a ca-winky-dink" He smirked.

"Uh, Hi Kellin" I smiled slowly. "Whats up?" He smiled and sat down at the table next to us. "Who are you?" Brooke asked quickly showing no emotion. "Im Kellin" He smiled proudly. "I feel like im in a cheep ass 80's movie" I mumbled. "Oh C'on sweetheart you know you like me" He smirked holding hand to his chest. "Call me sweetheart agian" I quickly snaped but couldnt help but smile a bit.

"Oh no" Brooke jumped. "What?" I asked looking at her.

Brooke stares over my sholders.

Suddenly she quickly gets under the table and gets under me.

"What the hell are you..." I began to say but Brooke cut me off by hitting my leg. "Ouch!" I laughed.

"Hey Kayla do you know were brooke is?" I heard beside me.

I turned my head to see a tall, dirty blonde haired guy looking at me with his saddish blue eyes.

"Oh, Andrew" I groand. "Have you seen Brooke?" He repeated. "I donno, How much you got?" I smirked holding out my hand.

He stares at me and I playfuly frown.

"Well Im sorry sir, Im afraid I have not seen her" I said moving my hand and picked up a fry.

He looks at me and groands. He then slowly pulls out his wallet from his pocket and puts a crumbled five dollar bill on the table beside me.

I smiled and picked up the five and looked at it, Then slowly looked at him.

"I maybe saw her" I mummbled softly.

He sighs and hands me another five dollars.

"She just left for work" I smiled inocently grabbing the bill. "Thank you" He mumbled loudly and started to walk away. "Hey! I can tell you what she's wearing for five more bucks!" I yelled.

He looks at me and rolls his eyes and walked away.

I smiled and looked to my left to see an curly blonde headed woman in her 40's looking at me weirdly.

"What are you lookin at, Im tryin to work here!" I said loudly.

She rolls her eyes and gets up and leaves.

Brooke then stands up from under the table and looks at me a Kellin.

"Its really nasty down there" She groand sitting back down on her chair. "Hah I love con-ing people out of their money" I smiled.

"So uh, What do ya say?" Kellin smiled. "What?" I asked confused. "You, Me Movies tonight?!" He grined. "Uh, Im sorry but I cant" I said agatated. "Ohh, Why not" He winned. "Cuse your kinda an ass hole" I yelled "Brooke, Im gonna get back to work, I'll see you after we close" I said standing up.

Kellin looks at me softly and I walk away back to work.

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