lt's the day of the concert.

:::Victoria's POV:::

Damn! lt's the day of the concert, lm sooooo excited about hearing their songs live, seeing them& meeting them! I looked in the mirror for the last time, because my mum called me cause Bella came to pick me up.

Bella: are you excited?

Me: of course l am! that was a stupid question *-_-*

We got on my mum's car, it took us 1 hour to arrive to the concert

Me: omb! this place is hugeee, we're lucky that we gonna be next to the stage+we gonna meet them!

Bella: I know! I cant wait till the concert startss!

After 5 minutes of waiting MB came on the stage..

Me:rengehivwbhubdchubevhebvci ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRINCETON!!!!!! *l've raised my hands up*

Princeton touches your hand and smiles at you, after he's keep on staring at you he comes up to you doing this (LINK NEXT TO THE STORY*skip to 0:32*). You almost fainted as you screamed even more and more. After 1.30 of the show its time for meet and greet! 

Bella: hey guys! * she sayswhile smiling a lot*

All: hey!

All of them are staring at you

Princeton: what's your name?

Me: my name's Victoria but you can call me your mrs. right *l winked at him*

:::Princeton's P.O.V:::

That girl Victoria... She's like the cutest girl l've ever seen... And when she said she's my mrs right... l couldn't believe, she was soo confident... definetly my type: cute, dimples, back off, breasts, confident.. well sexy!

Me: *calls her while moving my index finger back and forth* 

:::Victoria's P.O.V:::

He called me, l came up to him. He gave me a piece of paper, do l look like a trash bag? Wait.. There was something written on there, I've opened the paper and there was a number there! l looked at Princeton as he showed me the *call me*movement, l actually thought im dreaming *_* well it really happened!!! After l came back home l went to sleep straight away.

 The next day...

When l woked up, l wasnt thinking about anything l just grabbed my phone took the piece of paper and called the number...

Princeton: Hello?

Me: Princeton?

Princeton: Who's this?

Me: Victoria..

Princeton: ohh my mrs right *he said in a flirty voice*

Me: *giggles* yes

Princeton: do you wanna meet? *he asked quickly*

Me: yes! l mean.. sure why not * l said while laughing a lilttle*

Princeton: good! come to my hotel okay?

Me: but.. l dont know where is it

Princeton: l will send u a message with it

Me: fine, can l bring a friend?

Princeton: i'd rather if u came by yourself

Me: okay them, l'll try. Byee

Princeton: bye, love you *he said as he quickly hanged up*

Did Princeton just say he loves me?! l thought about it and when l realised he did l started to jump on my bed while screaming! l've received the location... he told me to bring my bathing suit.. hmm, l know that he's the naughty one in MB....

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