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Oh shit the boys had heard. My little secret was no longer a secret. Dani why do you have to be so loud?

"Your what?" Louis asked in his normal overly excited tone.

"I'm um you know pregnant." I said with my awkwardness showing through. I guess that's why Harry and I got along so well. We were both two overly awkward people. Speaking of Harry. I looked around And didn't see him anywhere.

"Where's Harry at?"

"He's right here..." I heard him say as he walked in the room.

From the look on his face I could tell that he hadn't heard what we were talking about moments ago. I walked over and gave him a peck on the lips. As I turned back around I gave everybody a 'tell him and you die' look.


We decided to all go out to dinner at Nandos. Of course the boys were complaining and telling us to hurry up as Dani and I went to the bathroom to get ready.

Just as I was putting the final touches on my make-up Dani started talking.

"So are you feeling ok, you don't think you'll get sick again will you?"

"No I think I'll be fine. I haven't been sick all day. Usually when I get sick it's around lunch time." I just hope that I won't get sick. I really don't need to get sick in public again. That will just confirm the paparazzi's suspicions.

She nudged my arm. "How are you going to tell him. Are you going to go the romantic route? Or are you just randomly going to blurt out that your pregnant."

Just as I was about to answer I heard the door open. Standing in the doorway was Harry with a look of surprise on his face. Thanks Dani for having such a loud mouth.

"Y-Your pregnant?" He stuttered.

"Yeah I am...." He crossed the bathroom and pulled me into a gigantic bear hug.

"Your having a baby, we're having a baby. I'm going to be a dad!" He was so excited. I honestly didn't expect this. He pecked my lips before running out of the room and yelling at the top of his lungs. "LOUIS YOUR GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!"

Dani and I looked at each other shocked that he had taken it so well.

"Well that went 100x better than I thought it would." I said.

"Nahh I knew he would do something like that. He loves kids, you should see how he acts around them."

We finished our make-up and walked out in the living room to find the boys laughing at Harry, who was practically jumping up and down.

As we all walked downstairs to get to the car Harry grabbed my hand and started talking.

"We need to go tell my mom." He said with a big grin on his face. I think after tonight his face might be stuck in a permanent smile.

"Well we can go whenever your next day off is"

He leaned down next to my ear and started whispering.

"I knew you were pregnant before you even did Brooke." He said with a cocky smirk on his face.

"How did you know? I only found out today."

"Well a big clue was when you ran off stage at Alan Carr. And might I say that was quite disgusting." I slapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey I wasn't done yet. And Liam kind of told me about the little talk you and he had."

I sighed. "I don't know why I even told him. That boy can't keep a secret!"

Harry laughed as he opened the car door for me, "You aren't much better at keeping them either babe."

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