Chapter 8

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As soon as I woke up, I could see the sun peering in through the curtains. I knew it was going to a beautiful and fun day. I could hear the boys talking and getting everything ready for ziplining. Liam had called the ziplining place to make sure they closed it down and was private so we didn't have to worry about us getting ambushed.I got up and fixed my blankets, then pulled my hair up into a ponytail and went out to the living room. "Morning beautiful!" they all said. All of the boys agreed that every morning they tell me that to make sure I don't feel insecure. Niall was wearing a white shirt with a big smiley face on it, some cargo pants and supras. He grabbed my hands and kissed me on the cheek. Harry looked over then turned his head so it didn't look like he was jealous. "So when is our zipline time?" I asked. "10! It's 9:30, so go get all of your stuff. Oh, and bring a extra set of clothes. Danielle and I set up another event for later." Liam said while getting all the food together. Danielle looked gorgeous as ever, she had on a solid green shirt with some cut up jean shorts with some black old converse. She had no trace of makeup on and her hair up in a curly ponytail. "I'll be ready in about 5 minutes." I said.

I put on a dark blue slim fit shirt and some old jean shorts, with some TOMS. I let all of my hair down and pinned my bangs back. I never wear makeup, Niall always tells me how much he loves it when I don't wear makeup.

After 10 minutes, we were all in our cars on the way to zipline. It was so green in Utah, the trees were tall, the hills were beautiful. It was definitely different for the boys. "Wanna be my zipline partner?" Niall asked. I high fived him, "Lets do it!".

"So Danielle and Liam are partners, Zayn and Harry, and Louis I'm guessing you'll make a friend as always!" I said. "I'll find someone to go with me, I mean who wouldn't want to go with me?" Louis winked and started dancing when we pulled into the zipline place parking lot.

The building was all green to match the trees and was crowded with big, beautiful windows. We could see the zipline starting point by the lake. The zipline was a mile long, it went across the lake then through the forest. Liam signed us up for the coaster through the forest, all the boys including Danielle and I love roller coasters, so we were very excited!

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