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I was still in shock that I was acully on a train to go train for gymnastics. With Bela Karolyi. I googled him and he has trained many olympians. I am was so excited. I looed over at Bela and he looked a little woozy.

Starr: Bela are you okay?

Bela: I am a little sick. I think I am going to get off at this stop and fly the rest of the way. Will you be okay?

Starr: Yeah I'll be okay. Feel better okay?

Bela: I will.

And with that the doors to the train hut. I loved Bela I really did, but I really wanted to stay on this train, it was really fun! I even met a girl who was going to be nthe train longer than I was. She is really nice, her name was Savannah. She was my age and she was a really good singer.We became really good friends. I told her about my gymnastics and she was super cool. We even recorded a cover of a song together, I didn't even know I could sing. It was a really fun train ride. Savannah and I traded phone numbers and she even made me a skyped. She was literally the nicest people I have ever met.


I got off the train and I saw Bela standing in the terminal waiting for me, with our bags. I walked up to him and he gave me a hug and we walked to the car. A bunch of reporters were waiting for us when we were outside. They were all were taking pictures and asking questions like

"Why are you training and American for the Britian team?"

"Are you betraying Britian by bringing in an American"

I was alittle baffled and I just kept walking, and so did Bela. We got into the black car and we just smiled at me.

Bela: Sorry you had to go through that. I should have prepared you. Now that you are training with me for the 2012 Olympics you will be under alot of media attention. But don't worry about it. But is there something you should tell me, embarassing secrets, past arrests, family secrets.

Starr: Well my parents both died when I was young, and I don't have any embarassing secrets, and I have never been arrested.

Bela: Well I am sorry about your parents and I am glad you havent been arrested. Well here we are.

We pulled up to building and we walked inside. (I am kind of basing this place off of Make It Or Break It's thing when they are in Olympic trials. But I also included a picture of the inside of the training gym)

Bela showed me to my room. I had a room next to another girl and that was all the people on my floor. I met the girl, her name was Rebecca Tunney. She seemed really sweet, I hope she makes it to the Olympics.

I got changed into one of my leotards that Bela got me and started training. I had to sign alot of papers and follow alot of health procedures. Finally I got to start rehearsing. I got introduced to everyone, but realy the only person I worked with was Rebecca because she was the only person on my floor.


I heard a few older girls talking about Rebecca and I after practice one day.

Imogen: Can you believe they are letting those litte kids train with us.

Elizabeth: I know we have been working n gymnastics longer than they have been alive.

Kathrine: Yeah but they are really good. I think they would make a great addition to the Olympic Team

Elizabeth: Whatever, I still think they shouldn't be able to qualify for the Olympics.

Kathrine: Well like the idea of an Underdog.

I walked away and I felt myself tear up a little bit. Was I really to young for this? I mean I guess I haven't been doing this all my life, but Bela picked me out of a million people to train with him. I guess I really had a chance, I just oculdn't let people down. I walked back into my room and Rebecca was there, making dinner. We tore down the wall between our two rooms so we could have more room.

Rebecca: Hey Starr, what's up?

Starr: I'mjust really sore, I did a triple on beam today and twisted my ankle.

Rebecca: Is it okay?

Starr: Yeah I iced it I'm fine though. 

Rebecca: Can you belive tomorrow they post the list of the people who get to go to the Olympics? I am so nervous!

Starr: You have been working at this for years, you are going to be fine. You should be worried about me, I have only been training for like a year.

Rebecca: Don't worry about it, I am sure you will be fine.

We ended up talking about who we thought would make the team while we ate and then we went to bed. I was so nervous for tomorrow. What if I didn't make the team. What if I wasn't what they were looking for. 

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