I sighed heavily as my friends got back into Tom's truck and drove away. I shuffled back inside and laid on top of my bed not one bit tired (despite it being 1 a.m.).

Overall, having them all here had been amazing. I had missed them all so much and having them here for a little bit made this new place seem a little more like home. 

Amy and Alex had stayed with us all just as much as  the other three had. And the whole thing just seemed to go a lot more smoother with them there. But I couldn't say the same for Chase...

After he had announced "You're mine," I ignored him the whole entire time we were at Alex's house. I even made sure to be all buddy buddy with Ed by splashing him and playing water games with him. Although I feel a little bad about using Ed as a kind of weapon, I'm pretty sure Ed totally didn't get the fact that I was paying attention to him. Well, I mean, not any more than a older sister would to her baby brother. Thankfully Chase didn't punch Ed in the face, but he left in a very big frenzy.

The next day I felt a little guilty about acting that way towards Chase. I should probably be a bit more straightforward rather than unspeakably turning on him.

But then when I had called him, to somewhat apologize he was as rude as ever, gloating that I was "just coming back to him because I couldn't get enough of him" ( or something around those lines). The arrogant jerk just made me even more mad!

He insults me to think that he believed he had some sort of ownership over me and now he was going off like he was irresistible and I couldn't get better!! Like hell I'll lower myself to his trashy level.

So, to say in the least, today I hadn't contacted him at all. And I wasn't planning on doing it either.

Jerks like him just need to grow up and finally realize there's more to life than their ego. There's no way in hell I'd belong to a guy like him!

As I raged on within my mind, I glanced at my clock, reading a good 3 a.m.

Ugh. I still had school tomorrow!

Shutting my eyes, I tried my hardest to sleep.

-------->>Monday (in case you were wondering)

 Normally I wouldn't think Mondays were all that bad. I mean, while it sucks that you have to go to school and start a whole new week and blah blah blah....

Monday is also the day you get to catch up with your friends. You can gossip about all the stuff that happened over the weekend or continue the drama from the weekend.

Either way, there's always something new to hear on Monday.

But this Monday, I had hung out with my friends the whole weekend, so there wasn't really much to update each other on.

...except of course, my recent fall out with Chase.

But I really would rather talk about protons and neurons in this ridiculous class than suffer through that explanation. 

Once the bell rang, releasing me to my lunch interrogation, I made a sneaky bee-line to my locker. In about 2 minutes flat I successfully barely avoided having to see the retarded Chase. By the time I rounded the corner, I saw him down the hall. Thankfully he didn't see me, so I was in the clear.

I squeezed myself between the lunch table and it's bench. 

"So anything neeeeew?" Amy drew out, knowing full well that there definitely was something up. Heck, everyone I had been with this weekend sensed it.

I puffed my cheeks out like a chipmunk, "I don't want to talk about it."

She gasped, "Is it that serious?"

"I just don't want to ever talk to him," I gulped down another swig of soda. Cherry soda, in fact.

Alex shook his head, "Told you."

I preceded to glare until I had chugged my whole soda and crashed it across the table with a loud burp.

One girl in a mini skirt holding a plastic tray filled with vegetables passing our table frowned in disgust. The guy next to her almost laughed.

But as Amy clapped and Alex rolled his eyes, I tried my hardest to pay the most attention to my little gold skull ring on my index finger. Because of course, that's when Chase decided to walk in. 

His signature dark emo hair covered most of his face. He wore a dark red v-neck and some dark blue jeans that were just oh-so-right baggy. And while all of those things should have made me glare at him angrily for being so deceivingly nice, I just couldn't bring my eyes to him.

But then again, he wasn't alone.

Black scene hair with neon pink highlights and way too much make up was what he brought with him. Her tight black dress seemed to not cover up enough of her butt as her neon pink fishnet-ed legs swayed towards him.

I cringed as her s&m looking combat boots clicked. No wait. The sound was her voice.

I resisted the urge to sigh as I saw her loop her tacky arm around his. Looking down at myself I kinda wished I had worn something else today. But this morning I didn't really try. Donned with a baggy sweatshirt-like dress, a couple of gold necklaces, and some sheer black tights, I wasn't exactly looking my sexiest... or my vicious-est.

So, I did what any girl would do, I completely ignored everything and pretended I could use the force. Amy giggled as I pretended to struggle to lift the slightly big girl. Unfortunately my Jedi skills just haven't developed nearly enough and my efforts were getting me nowhere.

But if I had a lightsaber on me, I'd clearly be the winner....

As if to just parade this girl around, Chase left the cafeteria with his walking trend close behind. 

Two more classes went by after Chase's little incident. And to tell you that I wasn't thinking about him and his new dog, wasn't totally a lie. Sure, it was pounding at the back of my mind, but Amy made sure to paint me the color of sunshine when we were in art class. Not to mention the period after that I made a new friend. Blake was his name, and while he usually slept through our history class, today he was unusually talkative. He blamed it on coffee, but I'd say it'd have to do with some sort of drugs. 

Only because my experience with drugs and Doritos kinda go hand in hand. And this guy had definitely been eating the the tasty orange snacks seeing the ends of his shirt were stained.

Anyways, the day was finally over and I was ready to crash. 

But of course, I was out just in time to see the stupid guy open his car's passenger door for the too much makeup girl. I'm not sure if he saw me or not. I was kind of obviously staring at the two, but he gave no notion as to knowing I was there as he hopped into his car and drove off.

Suddenly tired and not at all in the mood to drive back home yet, I crouched down and sat on the grass, under a tree. Opening an unfinished book I've had with me for years and popping some classical music in my ears, I preceded to fall into the depths of "The Importance of Being Ernest".

Huh. Apparently its a play.


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