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1. Call him bushy brows.

2. Tell him you married Sakura. ( Guy, or girl!!! xD)

3. Repeatedly remind him that Neji is stronger.

4. Close down all the stores that sell spandex including ebay.

5. Let him know that youth stinks!!!!!

6. Call him gay.

7. Tell him how much his name sounds like broccoli. (rock lee and broccoli, hmm....strange)

8. Tell him Sakura doesn't love him.

9. Ask him why he stole Gaara's eyebrows.

10. Tell him Guy-sensei is stupid.

11. Shave his eyebrows.

12. Shave his head.

13. Paint his jumpsuit red.

14. Strap him to a chair for a day so that he can't train or exercise.

15. Make him kiss Naruto's butt if he escapes.

16. Shave his eyebrows, tattoo the kanji for love on his forehead, and call him a Gaara fangirl.

17. Make him stay away from Gai for seventy-two hours.

18. When he screams Youth, tell him he has none.


20. Tell him you have a secret scroll for taijutsu, when it's really just rolled up paper, and get the highest amount of money from him, then when he sees it blank, run like hell.

21. For his birthday, tell him he's gonna die, or tell him that he'll be paralyzed for life.

22. Get him a Kimimaro plushie.

23. When he goes out for training yell,"Kimimaro-chan wants to go WITH YOUU," in the highest pitched voice you can go with (even better if you a guy)

24. When he says no scream,"BUT HE WUVVS YOU!!!!"

25. Remind him,  he gets drunk off of one drop of alcohol.

26. Get him a Gaara plushie, then record Gaara's voice saying your weak. Hide the recorders somewhere in his house in the least imaginable places you would find them like in a can or in the back of a closet. Laugh when he doesn't find them.

27. Steal all of his money, then spend it on Sasuke items. Put them all around his house with kisses and love notes on them, and take a picture, then show it to EVERYONE.

28. When he walks into some place, play "Everybody Was Kung-Foo Fighting" as loud as you can.

29. Take a picture of Sasuke of when he gets out of the shower, then tell everyone you found it in Lee's room.

30. Tell him the Akatsuki are invading while he's in the shower.

31. Tel lhim taijutsu is a stupid, weak technique.


Me: Well, that was fun.

Lee: Holly, I want to fight you to prove to you taijutsu is a great technique.


Lee: WHAT!?



Me: YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! That should shut him up.

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