Just a first day of school...right part 1

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****AUTHORS NOTE******

yea.. I haven't updated in a while, well thats

Because, I've been at camp, and then school shopping!

Fun! So any ways!


"Urggggg!" Pushing back my covers I sat up and groaned

"why must I go to a school where my exentese isn't even noticed"

I think I need to stop talking out loud.

" I guess I'll go!"

I sat up and put on my uniform witch I altered to fit my personality.

I made it a dress and made the skirt waaay longer!

No way am I going to school looking like a hooker!

And I dident bother with make up, as the saying goes

" I'm ugly as I am" or "ugliness comes from within"

Or watever.... I guess I'll go eat breakfast

(3rd POV)

All boys exept xavier where still sleeping.

Xavier sat trying to figure out who these boys where.

He so far thought that drake was a player

Christofer was....christofer


Sam was pretty much a 5 year old..

Ok so I'm living in a house with 3 different personalities. Oh yea there's also this cici girl who looks like something off the grudge.

**when they all wake up*

(drakes POV"

"Sam pass me my shoe" Chris yelled.

"drake weres my glasses!!" Xavier yelled while walking around like a zombie with his arms out.

Omfg!! What the heck is that??

I yelled and looked across the room at what I swear is that girl I saw come out of the well in that movie I watched last night.

I looked over at Chris. He was on top of a chair crying. "hurry!! Through somthing at it, see if it moves!!" I screamed at him.

Finally she looked up "what the heck are you guys yelling about?! It's fricken 5 o'clock in the morning SHUT UP!!"

" umm never mind Chris don't throw anything..." I turned around and said. "oh my gosh she's real!! Hide me!!" Sam said. Shaking her head she sat down "ok thats enough were going to school" that thing said.

"not with you I got my own ride, chicks digg the motorcycle!" I said hopping down from my chair and grabbing my keys and walking out the door.

**Chris POV**

Ok so let's head out my hommies!! I screamed while charging outside the door with my arm out.

**at school*

Shoot!! I dident think that they would put us all in separate classes.

Walking In the door I start thinking stupid thoughts like what if there's no cute girls in my class?? Or what if the teacher is a 2 headed dragon who breathes Cheetos?? Ok ok breathe!! Inhale..exhale!!

Ok I'm gonna open the door in 3...2..1...1 again...1 and a half... "MOTHER.. ERRR!!!" who the heck opened the door!! "oh my gosh!! Are you ok?? I'm soo sorry do u want ice? Are you bleeding?? I looked down that girl from this morning was standing there. "wow u really know how to talk don't cha?" smirking I watched her blush. "pft no it's just I felt really bad that's all"

"ok whatever!!" then I walked inside.....

****authors note**

sorry for not writing in like forever!! I've been busy. And also I'm sorry for the cliff hanger but hand sore;(

ALSO QUICK QUESTION: do u think I should switch to having just 1 POV per chapter??

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