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Johanna is barely conscious and moaning under her breath. I rush over to her and put her face in my hands.

"Johanna, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I forgot! I'm really sorry. I'm going to help you, alright? Open your eyes if you can and breathe slowly. Take deep breaths."

I turn away from her face.

"Peeta, can you get some gauze, anti bacterial stuff, bandages and other medical supplies."

"Yup. I'm on it." He says and bolts out of the room.

I see a single tear roll down Johanna's face.

"Johanna, I need to see your hand. What happened?"

She opens her eyes slightly and then closes them again, sasified.

"Water.... Lightswitch. "

She begins to become less tense and I scream in my head for Peeta to come faster. Just as she's being overcome by the electric shock, Peeta runs in again, face red and an emergency kit in his left hand. He throws it to me and I catch with grace, ripping it open. First I wipe off the blood with some gauze and then clean the gash a bit. I tell Peeta to get a bucket of ice from the ice room and he does exactly what I said. He comes back with some ice and I put some to Johanna's hand, hoping to numb a bit of the pain.

After 10 minutes of treating Johanna, her eyes slowly flutter open. She isn't here though. Her mind isn't here. Only her body. Her eyes turned a sickly, dark green color and her body begins to react to the shock.

"KATNISS! GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" Peeta shouts once he glances at her.

"What? ! What's happening?"

"I'm sure Johanna has told you that we were close in the capitol. I know how to calm her down but i NEED you to go!"


"NOW KATNISS. I'm not agrueing!"

I sprint out of her room and run into my bedroom, lock the door and slide down the door. I crouch at the ground, tears forming in my eyes. I hear Johanna screaming jibberish and Peeta yelling all kinds of commands at her. He says jibbish to her also. Strangley, they understand each other. Peeta is screaming with a more harsh tone and I hear Johanna thrashing around under Peeta's grasp. Johanna speaks in that language again, and Peeta calms down and gets off her. I peek through the keyhole and see Peeta helping Johanna up. She gratefully takes his hand, but she still has the green eyes. I hope Peeta notices it. Suddenly, the events turn rapidly. Peeta is being pinned under Johanna and she blows up on him. He does everything to try to get out of her grasp, but fails because nothing is stronger than a flashback. I don't know if i should go help him, but nothing matters at this point. I unlock the door furiously and run across the halls to her room. I grunt as I throw myself at Johanna. She gets caught off balance but grabs onto Peeta's neck for support.

"Let go of him! He can't breathe!" I cry out.

Peeta mouths; run; to me, but i don't listen. He slowly has color drained from his face as Johanna still latches on. I throw myself at Johanna again and punch the small of her back. She doesn't expect it and she falls over .... on top of me. Now the tables have turned and she holds onto my neck. Her crazy eyes show revenge and killer features. I try to wiggle free and get out of her grasp, but i can't. I feel my face turn a blueish color as she grips my neck. My vision gets fuzzy and I'm afraid I might pass out and lose the battle. When my vision begins to fade, Peeta knocks Johanna over and punches her on a sensitive spot on her head. I get onto my elbows and see Johanna on the ground, unconious, Peeta's knuckles blazing red. Peeta looks at me with a confused look. I run over to Peeta and give him a giant hug. I stand on the tips of my toes to reach his shoulder. His nose rests on my shoulder and I lay my head on his shoulder. We just embrace each other, knowing we are lucky we survived again. All we do is hug for at least 5 minutes. We hug all night and his warmth radiates through me, into my soul. He gives off an amazing warm glow and it's so welcoming.



"How are you so warm and welcoming?"

"I guess I just give off that kind of aura."

He laughs a bit.

When Johanna wakes up, we tell her what happened and she apologized.

"It's alright, I know what flashbacks can do to you. I'm sorry I did that thing with the water..." I say, looking at my feet.

"What water thing?" She asks.

"Oh, never mind." I say with a sly grin.

Peeta and I patch up her head and hand a bit more and head to bed. Ending this eventful day is probably a good idea.

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