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I woke up the next mornign enveploped in Conors arms. I must've fallen asleep then. I slid from his grip and walked into the kitchen. I picked my phone off the counter and saw i had a message from my manager Sophie it said 'hey Lauren, your father wants you in the studio by two with Conor x' It made me grin. Me and Conor were going to write and record a song. I checked the clock it was 12.30. I went into Conors room and gently shuck him. 'hey babe' he mumbled smiling at me 'good afternoon' i said kissing his lips lightly, 'Sophie texted saying both of us have to be in the studio for 2 so get up' I said smiling 

It was warm out so i put on this my dad had known i was staying so packed 2 weather permitted outfits. Conor was wearing skinnies, white supras, and i white 'I <3 Mayniacs' tshirt which made me say 'awwwh' and Conor went bright pink. He kissed my forehead and grabbed my hand. He opened the passanger seat to his Range Rover and let me get in, he pressed his lips to mine before closing the door and climbing into the drivers seat. He turned on the radio and Cant Say No was on and Conor started singing it to me. I giggled placing my hand on his lap. We pulled into the parking lot outside the studio. we got out and walked hand in hand. The paparazzi fled towards us snapping pictures. We stopped for a few but had to leave to get there on time. 

When we got in there Sophie was waiting for us. 'Right heres whats gonna happen. You two are gonna write a song today for Laurens first album' Sophie said cheerily. Conor pulled me close with a big smile on his face ' i know exactly what we can write about' Sophie raised her eyebrows 'Hey Soph shes my girl' Conor winked and Sophie looked to me smiling 'OHMYGOD LAUREN WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME' she shrieked hugging us both 'it only happened last night' i explained trying to breath.

When Sophie left Conor and I got straight down to work. Conor pulled out a guitar while i sat infront of the keyboard, we began writing straight away and we ended up writing a really good song in 2 hours. 

I got into the recording booth first. I placed my words on the stand and when my dad started playing the music i immediatley started ' I never ever ever ever thought that i would meet someone like you. I was lost for a little while, didnt ever know what to do' I couldnt help but smile the whole time i was singing it. When it was Conors turn to get in the booth i was beyond excited to hear him sing. When he started my heart melted 'You, baby, you drive me crazy. Round and round, head over heels. I cant help tell you how i feel'. After 8 hours in the studio Conor and i were exhausted. 'Why dont we go to Nandos for food, its open late tonight'' he said smiling 'yeah id love to' I grinned hugging him.

We got into his Range Rover and drove to Nandos. I ordered a Chicken burger with peri peri chips but only Mild while Conor ordered the same but Spicy. A few fans stopped and asked for Conors autograph and a picture even some recognised me. 

Larisa texted me 'Niall and I had such a day, cant believe we have such great boyfs! I met the other boys too soooo happy (: xx' i was quick to text back saying 'conor and i wrote a love song and its gonna be on my album so excited! then he brought me for dinner at Nandos.. i know best boyfs EVER!xx'

when i got home i gave my dad a hug and kiss, i changed into these pyjamas i climbed into bed and fell asleep  ( <-- Laurens room)

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