Chapter 6.

"Batman!" I screemed at Leo as I stood on the sofa, my hands balled into fists at my sides.

"The Ring!" Leo bellowed across the room to me, spit flying from his mouth as he held up the offending DVD and gestured to me with it.

"Christian Bale is so much cooler than some creepy, scary, nightmare-giving kid. I mean come on, who watches The Ring for enjoyment?! The only reason The Ring was made was for guys to look big infront of their girlfriend's... or.. or as a .. I don't know another reason. But people definately DO NOT watch that film for enjoyment!" I was breathing heavily at that point because I hadn't stopped to breath at all throughout that sentence and my lunges ain't made to go that long without air. My eyes were wide with fright that I wasn't planning to show, least of all to Leo, the overbearing brute. He just wants to make me cry the evil man.

"Fine, The Ring it is then" Leo smirked to himself and ran full speed at the TV. Just as I was about to lunge at him he put the DVD in, pressed play and stood infront of the DVD player like some freaky bodygaurd. "Hmm, before we watch the film let's watch the video," He murmurred to himself before confronting me "now you do know that after you watch this video the phone will ring twice and you will die 7 days later don't you?" he gave a brief pause to hold to fingers up infront of my face before he continued with his evil speech "Now I haven't seen this video myself as you can see as, well, I'm still here so let's all die together shall we?" I was staring wide eyed at him as he flicked the video on. What the hell?! I don't want to die!

I quickly grabbed the remote from his hand not caring that I was moving too quickly for a human but, well, I was shit scared! I pressed all the buttons but nothing happened, the video just started. Suddenly images flashed on the screen and I stared wide-eyed at the TV, hyponotised by the flickering pictures bursting through my mind. It must have lasted for about 2 or 3 minutes and then suddenly the screen went black. The remote fell from my hand as I heard the guys arupt in laughter at my obviously terrified face, man i could feel my eyes welling up but I didn't care, all I was thinking about was that damn phone.

Please don't ring... Please don't ring... Please, please just.. don't... ring.

A shrill ring burst through my ears as the Tv stood still infront of me with a blank screen, my reflection staring back at me. Oh. My. God. I let out a quiet whimper and stared at the TV with wide-eyes, please just be a joke. I don't wanna die, what about my mum? I never said I loved her and my Dad? No wait I hate him. But... what about the pup's I have seven days to tell each and every one of them how much I love them. Lacie won't understand, she'll think I'm leaving her like everyone else, how am I going to tell her that I'm going to be killed. How am I going to be killed anyway? Flashes of scenarios of my crumpled boddy lying dead on the floor of different rooms flittered through my mind and soon I could hear voices around me and someone shaking me roughly but I just kept staring at the TV wide-eyed.

"Lex? Alex? Alex? Leo you dick you've scared the fucking life out of her." Voice #1 bellowed as I felt them shake me again but all I could understand was 2 shining brown bulbs looking back to me.

"I didn't fucking mean to scare her this much! How was I surrposed to know she gets this scared?!" Voice 2# protested meakly, they sounded a lot further away from me and but I could definately hear more than one person's movements in the room so they must still be here.

"Leo you fucking knob! She's been here what?! A day and you fucking shit her up already?! You complete twat!" Voice 1# roared back at him and the ground shuddered as they took a step away fro me and most likely to Leo. Whoever it was they were beginning to scare me, they sounded terrifying and their voice wasn't even pointed at me. My eyes began to get back to there normal size and I was beginning to calm down slowly but i could feel my hands shaking as they lay clasped together in my lap. 

I lowered my eyes away from the screen and the three guys around me froze as I rose from my sitting postion and straightened out my shorts which I had changed into before we started this whole thing "I... I'm just gonna sit in my room." I murmurred softly under my breath before I began heading up to my room, my hands laying still at my side, not even bothering to move the hair that was covering my face. The soft thuds that trailed behind me were the only sounds throughout the entire house, well bar the rumbling over the fridge and the dishwasher clattering obviously. My face was just a blank void as I climbed up the stairs and walked to my door, not even bothering to lift my hand to open it and just pushed it with my shoulder.

As soon as I stepped into my room I was confronted by the strongest smell of dog I'd ever had the displeasure of smelling, of my days had this thing been in the swers?! Sure enough lying in the middle of my bed was a large black dog that was dripping wet and happily soaking my covers with it's grimy coat. I walked towards it cautiously, my breath hitched when I noticed that infact this wasn't a dog; this was a wolf.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Please don't be a werewolf, please don't be a werewolf. But even with my pleading I knew before I got closer that it was a werwolf: it's long legs built for endurance were too thick to be an normal wolf, it's face too thin to be a normal wolf, it's size too big to be a normal wolf and most of all the blue eyes that stared back at that were full of understanding were most definately not those of a normal wolf. It didn't appear to mean em any harm as when I took one step closer to my bed it simply blinked and kept it's head on it's paws. 

Feeling very brave I stepped closer so as to make my knees brush against the duvet, the wolf only a few cms from me. For a minute I just stared at it until I lifted my hand and gently stroked my hand across his head quietly, not bothering to notice how it tried to bare it's teeth before calming down. Slowy the wolves eyes began to close and he began pressing his head into my palm, obviously content with my petting. I let out a quiet yawn and quickly covered my mouth with my hand.

"Well, aren't you gorgeous. I'll call you... Pillack. Just so when I shout I can shout Come on Pillack and it won't be abuse" The wolf's eyes narrowed at me as I grinned at him and ruffled the hair on his head.

"Right budge up Pillack. I'm tired and you're taking up all the room." The wolf looked up at me confused before moving a little bit "This is my bed for the week. I've kicked Grayson out. You can sleep on it with me just as long as you keep to your side and I don't wake up to you drooling on me." I rolled him over so he would lie on the other side but unlucky for him he sorta just kept rolling and went flying off the bed.

I couldn't help it, I just burst out laughing and jumped on the bed. All the nightmares I thought about having suddenly all just disappeared. My stomach began to hurt with the laughter errupting from me as I wrapped my arms tight around my waist in a failing attempt to stop them. By now Pilack had climbed back onto the bed and was lying down on the bed, his head next to mine and was just glaring at me through slitted eyes.

I grinned at him and slid under the covers, my denim shorts obviously not happy to be there, without thinking I unbuttoned my shorts and wriggled out of them. By the time I'd chucked them onto the floor the wolf was looking at me with wide eyes, obviously shocked by my actions. I shivered under the covers as my newly bare thighs touched the cold covers, the cover was completely freezing from not being used for so long and my thighs were boldy protesting to this fact. Sighing I lifted the covers to Pillack and gestured for him to come to me "Come here I'm freezing my arse off."

After wriggling under the covers he lay infront of me so his back was pressed into me. Sighing happily, I lay my left arm onto his middle with my right hand clenched into a fist and tucked under my chin and nuzzled my head into his fur, relaxing into the warmth.

Finally, I might have a warm, long sleep.

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