Chapter Four: Bow's Desperation

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"Sunny! Where is it?" I was not my usual composed self as I began to throw pillows, blankets, anything that got in my way, out of my sight. I didn't care if someone saw my crazed side, all I wanted was to find it.

"Where is it! Where is it!" I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, my strength draining from my body as I felt like I could give up. How could I have possibly misplaced it? I always made sure that I placed it right next to me on the night table. Always, always, always! What was going through my mind... oh... yeah... I had seen something I wished not to. Something I wished to forget but just couldn't. The ugly sight of Jason making out with Clarie, the rich girl we were living off of.

All of a sudden I felt something nuzzle the palm of my hand, causing me to turn my attention to the floor. "Sunny..." I looked into my ferret's eyes, understanding that she was trying to comfort me. "Thanks Sunny." I allowed her to crawl up my arm, wrapping her thin body around my neck and snuggling into me...

Sunny was my last gift for my parents, before they passed away because of that stupid virus. A stupid virus that took away everyone's parents, forcing them to become orphan's in a barren land. Thankfully I had been allowed to learn many forms of self-defense ranging from karate to akido, due to my little kidnapping incident as a child. I gained tons of knowledge and ranked all the way to a black-belt, beating pretty much all the kids in my class. Sunny had been a gift for gaining the black-belt, I had no idea why they decided to give me a pet, but I was thankful. She has been what has keep me together for so long...

Thanks to Sunny's calming effect, I returned back to my search, rummaging through all the drawers and throwing all the clothes out of the closet. I had to find! I just had to! I didn't even notice the smoke coming from under the door or the increase in heat. I only had my mind set on one thing; finding it.

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