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Fight Me 


- Ava -

I wake up to the soft caresses of Carmen's hand. She squeezes me, "Kitty!"

I mewl and Ms. Tuttie hisses at me, her eyes narrowed at me, like she knows I'm not a real cat. I stretch my legs, standing up from my spot. I can't believe I slept in this form all night. I will probably be sore today.

I pad over to my pile of clothes and shifting back to my human form. I pull on the clothes and then I run to the bathroom, and do my business.

Carmen giggles as I walk in the room. "Better?"

I nod and chuckle. Ethan pushes the door open. "We have training in an hour, breakfast is downstairs. Carmen, I have a pair of clothes for you from another girl your age that you can dress in."

"Yay!" Carmen grins, taking the clothes from him. He steps out as her face turns red. "Can you help me with this?"

I smile and nod, helping her dress. I grab a brush from the bathroom and I brush her brown hair. "There ya go, let's go eat."

"Okay, sissy!" she says holding her arms up. I pick her up, setting her on my hip and leaving the room.

"Sissy?" I mumble, confused.

"Do you not want to be my big sis?" she sniffs, pouting.

"Of course!" I grin.

When I walk into the kitchen Joan has two plates set up. I set Carmen on a stool and Joan smiles. "Are you ready to go shopping, Carm?"

"So ready!" Carmen giggles, and eats her stack of pancakes.

Once I'm done I stand and Joan takes my plate before I can take it to the sink to wash it. "Go, training starts in an hour."

"Yeah, hurry up. You gotta set an example." Ethan says, walking out of the kitchen.

"No, don't go!" Carmen whines.

"You wanna meet my son? He's your age, his name is Tyler." I smile, poking her tummy. She nods and giggles, wiggling away.

"You have a son?" Joan asks, surprised.

"No, no. He's not really mind. I found him in the woods abandoned. just like Carmen and I adopted him." I explain, and she nods.

"He's five," I nod.

"Me too!" Carmen giggles. 

"How about this," I say, bending down to her height. "You and Ethan can come with me over to the pack house, and I can shift back to cat form."

"Really?" Carmen asks, clapping her hands.

"Yeah, go find Ethan, he should be waiting outside." I say, pushing her forward.

She runs out of the kitchen and I hear the front door close. Joan touches my shoulder and I turn around. "Thank you so much for finding her."

"It was my pleasure, Joan. But I have a question...why did Alejandro take her?"

"Well, for starters, he isn't my real mate. He's not Ethan's father, his father was my real mate, his name was Kyle. Kyle was the Alpha of a pack in Arizona, so my father forbade me to see Kyle ever again. If I did, my father would've killed Kyle." She explains, her hands wringing together. "Kyle and I kept seeing each other, and one day we did it...and didn't use protection."

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