Chapter 2- Perfectly together

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I lay across his chest as our breathing slowed. Since the day we lost our virginity to eachother, this was how it ended. Feeling my heart beat finally slow down, I turn and lean on my elbow to look at his face. No longer frenzied, he smiles at me. The wide, tooth flashing smile I knew was my Jacob.

"So, are you sure you don't want to go to a nice college? I mean we could probably get one of those married couple suites and have it to ourselves." My voice was just barely above a whisper.

Jake stared into my eyes for a few long moments. "Married?"

"Well, you know... I was just thinking... that maybe someday soon we could get married. I mean, look at us, we've been sleeping with eachother for a year now. I just think that it would be appropriate for us to get married."

Jacob stared into my eyes a little longer before saying, "Ok, as long as you don't want a fancy ring." He had a teasing smile by the time he finished his sentence. I started laughing.

"Trust me Jacob, a fake gold ring will do fine!"

"Good, so does that mean we are officially engaged?"

"I believe so". I smiled over at him and soon we were back to where we started.

That next morning we had to get up to head into yet another day of senior year. We snuggled for an extra ten minutes before we absolutely had to get up or otherwise we just wouldn't make it out of bed at all.

I drove my black jeep patriot to school with Jake squeezed into the passenger seat.

As soon as we stepped out Quil was right beside us freaking out.

"It's Embry, Jake. It's Embry. He's hanging out with Sam now. Who the hell does he think he is? What kind of person just ditches his best friends for some crack and steroid junky?"

"Whoa, wait Quil." I was thoroughly shocked and so was Jake. He was dead still beside me and obviously infuriated. My fingers on the hand he was holding felt like they were going to fall off. "How do you know? Did you see him with them?"

Quil took in a shaky breath before responding. "Yes, I was going to meet him at the beach like we normally do Friday nights and he didn't show for the longest time. After about a hour of waiting Sam's gang came onto the beach. And there he was. Fucking idiot was with those bastards."

Jake and I were speakless. How do you respond to something like that?

And just like it would happen in a movie, Embry drove up with Jared and Paul in the car. Not one of them even glanced our way. They just walked solemnly into school. And Quil, Jake and I soon followed.

Senior year just got a whole lot worse. Little did I know that that day too would be the last day Jake would truly love me.

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