Capitulo Treinta Y Tres~ Something's Gotta Give Now.

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*Ash's POV* (A/N Yes, I am changing this point of view shit the fuck up. Do you like it? Good. Good. Gooooooood.)

I paced the room, waiting for someone to arrive. Connor stood by the door, his hand pressed to his chin, he was thinking hard. The safe room was quite large. In the back right corner was a kitchenette, with a wall bar that separated it from the rest of the room in front of that was a closed-off bathroom with running water. In the left back corner was a cluster of bunk beds, three high, and four sets, pressed against the wall.

In the front right corner was a bank of computers and television screens connected to cameras outside and inside of the house. In the front left corner was a bureau, bookcase, some board games and other stuff to keep the younger kids from going stir-crazy.

Suddenly I heard the lock click in the door and I tensed, mirroring my twin's actions by backing against the wall next to the door. As the wrought-iron door slid open I heard an annoyingly, sickeningly sweet voice pour through the threshold, into my poor ears.

"Daniel, why is the sewing kit in here?" A giggle escaped the lips of the girl I assumed to be Marienna Fultrich. I could see the resemblance between Callum Jensen and the young, energetic girl. Her thin lips and brownish-reddish hair were the same as her uncle's.

"Uh, it's my mom's sewing room." Marienna stopped dead in her tracks, not noticing Connor and I squatting directly behind her.

"Really?" She asked squeakily.

"Really." I said, standing up. Connor attacked the metal panel that would slam the giant doors shut, and I watched as a slightly pissed off girl turned to look at me in the eyes.

"Well, well, well. Look at what we have here. Three of the famed Emerson brothers. Where are the rest of your little clan?" She leaned back onto one hip, placing her perfectly manicured hands on her waist.

"Oh, don't worry. They'll be here shortly." Connor purred from behind me. She visibly gulped.


*Tony's POV* (A/N Told you. Don't think I was just gonna revert back to Hazel or Daniel. No siree.)

I felt a small tug on the bottom of my tuxedo jacket. I looked down and behind me to see Luca, a worried look across his face.

"Daddy! There's a doggie!" He cried, still tugging on my jacket.

"Okay. Get your mom or your brother to help you." I turned back to the man in the suit in front of me. He was a business executive who had made it big in the air transportation business. "Mr. Al-"

Luca cut me off, "DADDY NOW!" I sighed and turned once more to the businessman who looked slightly on disturbed.

"Excuse me, Mr. Alf. My son, here, needs some help." (A/N There is super rich girl in my school. The character of Mr.Alf who is unimportant is actually her dad. That his business and everything. Whatevs. Fun fact, bro.)

Luca grabbed me by the hand and began to drag me down the hidden staircase. We rounded the corner and I could see the safe room door open, a small dog right in the doorway. It was whimpering nd whining.

"My toy is in there!" Luca pointed into the safe room and began to hop up and down, shooting me anxious glances. The kid couldn't walk past the tiny little puppy?

"Fine." I let go of his hand and walked through the doorway, only to hear a click and slam from behind me and a voice from next to me.

"Fancy meeting you here, dad."


*Kale's POV* (A/N that's right. Just keeping the surprises coming.)

Hazel and I had made our way back downstairs and into the pumping party. We had watched Daniel lead Marienna away, and she was all over him. I could hear Hazel growl, it was kind've funny.

We had also watched Tyde come up from downstairs with Luca, and then leave again. Luca grabbed my dad from the middle of the crowd and dragged him downstairs, as well.

Hazel and I were now making our way to some place that she thought Callista would be. How she knew I had no idea, but I wasn't one to question possibly the smartest person alive.

We went down the back staircase and made a left instead of a right, which would take us to the safe room. We went down the hallway and opened the first door on the left, which just so happened to be the only room in the entire house that I had never been in.


*Tyde's POV*

I quickly grabbed Marienna, pushing her into the bathroom and locking the door. "Hide! Luca's bringing my dad down here!" I heard the door to the staircase open and dropped Hazel's dog in the doorway before ducking under the computers.

My dad walked in and leaned down to grab Luca's toy which Connor had dropped to the floor.

"Fancy meeting you here, Dad." I spat, tackling him as the door shut.



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