Chapter ll: Heartthrob in the Heartland

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Chapter ll: Heartthrob in the Heartland

"Darcy." A voice whispered.

"Go away." I said back, not attempting to open my eyes.

"Your mom said you would walk me to school." The person said normally, I opened my eyes.

Shaun Rynolds.

"What are you doing in here!" I sat up quickly knocking our foreheads together.

"Jesus you are clumsy!" He said rubbing his forehead.

"What time is it?" I asked looking around for my phone.

Shaun got of me and took out his phone, "5:45." He said sending me a cheeky smile.

I fell back into my bed, "Why are you here so early?" I let out a groan and jumped out of bed.

"I am excited for school?" He said sheepishly.

"Yeah well I am awake now so go downstairs so I can get ready." I said pushing him towards the stairs.

"Okay just don't take too long." He said frowning at me.

"I do what I want." I said turning on my straightener and mirror light then went to my closet. I pulled out a pair of dark jean shorts, a purple mid-arm length tee and a white vest. I grabbed my robe and towel and went down to the bathroom.

I passed by Shaun, "Remember hurry." He said pointing to an imaginary watch.

I rolled my eyes and turned on the shower, then hopped in.

The hot water definitely feels good running down my back, I thought. I wonder how long I have been in here. Looking at my shriveled finger I decided to get out. I wrapped my robe around me and wrapped my hair up into the towel. I walked out and Shaun was standing in the same place.

"Time?" I asked.

"6:09." He said grumbling. Yay! I have tons of time.

I ran up to my room and shut the door, making sure no intruders could get it.

I put on my clothes then blowdryed my hair. Since I have time I decided to straighten it. So I grabbed my already hot straightener and ran it through my long brown hair, making sure to get it perfectly straightened. Using only a little bit of makeup I declared I was ready and grabbed my phone that was on the floor and my messenger bag.

I opened the door and ran past Shaun. "Lets go!" I yelled walking out the door.

"Why are you yelling, isn't your mom sleeping?" He asked following behind me.

"No my mom works, she's an assistant to some dude at a law firm in the city." I said.

"And she comes home in time to see you after school?" He asked.

I opened the door and gestures for him to hurry. "No, she doesn't work Thursdays or weekends." I said putting on my old run down white vans.

"Oh thats cool. My dads my manager." He said walking in stride next to me. He was wearing a tight fitting black v-neck with blue and black plaid boarding shorts and a pair of Jordans.

"You have the sweetest pair of shoes." I said gushing, and blushed. I looked down at the ground.

"I am rich." He said with a teasing voice.

"Yeah well whatever." I said.

"So how far away is school?" He asked making conversation.

"It's not far away, it's around the block." I said snapping, equally regretting it.

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