Ch 2 First day of school

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"Hey Vicky", "Hey"

I just came into my class, well new class. Grade 8 had just started! Everything this year is gonna be; Awe-Some. Miss Armstrong is the new teacher here, so what she's a new teacher at the school, but I bet she's gonna be amazing!

Oh man there he is Shane Adien Arcen, I swear I've had a crush on him scince like, forever! Or at least as long as I can remember... Anyways he's totally cute!

He's tall, cute and athletic! I was with him at the track and field, in grade 6? Oh well, he came in first place, while I came in second. We talke a bit at regionals, but I suppose that's because his friends weren't there... But he seemed nice there.

I usually make it obvious that I like a boy, but Shane? Nah actually I don't, I pretend he isn't there and I do fine in school.

"Wow, did he just look this way!?" I quietly yelled in Vicky's ear, she sighed, "I don't know. I'm not staring at him" she gave me a tired yet dreamily smile. I wonder what she's thinking? Oh well.

We went into some introductions of our classmates of the year. So we have 28 classmates this year.

Vicky, Tina, Brandon, Lola,- Katrine,- Sarah, Brian, Cameron,- Chyna, Xavier, Felipe, Shane, Niko,- Cassandra,- Leah, Alexis, Kourt, Bob,- Stacy,- Leonardo,- Mike, Miranda, Jane,- Amanda,- Kyle,- Reggie- and Edward-

The only reason why we're suppose to have an even class, or classes, is because... Dancing lessons, and not fun ones, until the last report card that is. I know you're asking, "How do you know that?" well Vicky would ask anyways. But I'm just saying, I have my ways.

Man I hate writing on the first day of school! But I don't hate it exactly because it's art! I love art. We're suppose to be drawing of what we want, I'm doing roses, cause well that's my best. "I'm just about to finish" I told Vicky that was by my side, "I think your roses look awesome. Better than last year, no offense" she look at me apolitically, but I had to agree, so I shrugged and smiled.

Crack, "Aww... My pencil" I put it up to look at, gotta get up and sharpen it now... I got up and went to the sharpener, got to remember to pack a sharpener for tomorrow. I finished, turned around to come face to face with...

Shane! I was seriously feeling a bit faintish now, wait is that even a word!? Oh well, but seriously I was so shocked that I jumped back a bit and hit my head on the P.A.

"Are you alright? That looked like it hurt real bad" he asked as he helped me up, "Yeah, I think, as long as I'm not bleeding" he laugh a bit, while I was checking the back of my head. Miss Armstrong came over, "Are you okay?" I nodded, "Yes Miss, I'm alright. I'll just go back to my seat now"

Embarrassed I walked back to my seat beside Vicky. "At least you got to talk to him" she said trying to make me feel better, I chuckled a little, "But I wouldn't call it an official talk" making myself laugh a little more.

After a few more minutes after the incident it was time for recess...

V: So what did you draw?

R: You should know.

V: I should?

I looked at her as she smiled...

R: Duh, roses.

V: What about sweets?

R: You mean candy, right?

V: Yeah, what did you think I ment?

R: Boys as in Shane

She rolled her eyes again, and we started to laugh. I jabbed her arm when something, someone, caught my eyes... Shane and his friends; Felipe Roberto Torres, Brandon Kurt Garcia, Xavier Santiago, and Brian Rodriguez. Well Brian is my friend too, but he hangs with the guys more...

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