Nathan's Pov

Des and I ran back to the studio because the others were going crazy looking for us. Des and I found it hilarious. It felt so good to have her back again. I felt whole again, like a piece of me has been reconnected. When we reached the studio, we burst throught the room while laughing and quickly stopped when we saw the glares and confused expressions. "Hi guys." Des said nervously. Seev walked up to her and scolded her. "Des! You scared us! Where did you guys go? And why are you holding hands with Nath?" He bombarded us with questions. Des let go of hand took a hold Seev's shoudlers. "Calm down big brother!!! Oh and Nath and I, well, we sorta made up." She said. Everyone's face instantly lit up. "Finally!!" Seev shouted. I looked over at Des to see her blushing. I slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her close. Just then, Jayne came into the room. "Oh! There you are! We've been looking all over the place for you!" Jayne said frustratlingly. "Des and Nath are back together!!" Ems and Sel squeled. "That gets creepier and creepier everytime." Des whispered so only I could hear. I just  chuckled. Jayne looked at the both of us and a motherly smile lit her face. "Well, I'm glad you are together again. But right now, we need to talk about the tour, so come on..." Jayne ushered us towards the room we were in. "Okay, so, you're flight for America leaves next week on Monday. The flight is at 9 in the morning. So you need to be at the airport by 8. You will be touring for about 2 months and your schedules are pretty packed. Don't worry, you'll have some time off towards the end of the trip and sometime during the middle. Okay, well that's it.  You all may leave." We got up and headed towards the van. We had that sleepover to look forward to. Me and Des sat in the back of the van just enjoying each other's company.

I had my arm around her and she was snuggling into my chest. Seev turned around and rolled his eyes. Then Tom saw us, 'PDA ALERT PDA ALERT." I groaned while Des yelled back, "Oh SHUT IT TOM!" Tom stuck his tongue out and turned back around. "He's such a kid." Des said. "I know right?" I answered. When we reached the girls apartment they got off and packed their stuff. It took them all about a half an hour of packing. Finally they came, but I saw that Des had changed into a simple graphic t-shirt and shorts. Wow, she still managed to look beautiful. Her hair was put up in a pony tail and she had absolutely no make-up on. She had natural beauty. She climbed in the van and sat next to me. "Hey sorry we took long, Sel couldn't figure out what to pack." "Hey!! I did know, just was having a bit of trouble that's all." Des rolled her eyes and snuggled up to me. I gladly let her and rested my head on hers. We reached the house and our sleepover began.

We were all sat in a circle. "Hey guys, we should play 'Baby, Do you love me?' Tom asked. We all agreed. "So who wants to be it?" Sel asked. Ems sighed when no one answered. She stood up and the game began. Basically, one person has to be 'it'. 'It' has to go sit on someone's lap and ask baby, if you love me, smile. Then you do anything to make them smile, except tickle them. The person (Love Interest) has to say baby I love you but I just can't smile, three times. If the person smiles then that person is it. Ems went and sat on Jay's lap. "Baby, if you love me, smile." She said seductively. Jay's face flushed red as he tried to hold back a smile. "Baby, I love you but I just can't smile." Jay said without smiling. Ems then started to hug him tightly and rubbed his back soothingly. Jay cracked a smile when Ems pulled back. "Ha! Your it!" Ems said. She got off his lap and sat down next to him with a winning smile on her face.

Destiny's Pov

Jay then walked over to Nath and sat on his lap. Awh, Jaythan! Nath looked taken aback. "Jay, you know you won't be able to win this one." Nath said. I snickered, but that only got me a glare from Nath. "Baby, if you love me, smile." Jay attempted to say seductively. Nath just shook his head. "baby I love you but I just can't smile." Nath said. He said it one more time but he smiled. I laughed at him. "Oh Nath!!" I reached over and pinched his cheeks. He groaned and sat on my lap. I raised my eyebrows at him while he just gave me a sexy smirk. He began rubbing his hands down my arms. ""Baby, if you love me, smile." I sighed and whispered back. "Baby, I love you but I just can't smile. Baby, I-I love you but I just can't smile." I was about to say it again when Nath's face was inches from mine. He kissed me softly and when we pulled back, I smiled. Realizing what I did I groaned. "Ugh! That's not fair!!!" I whined. He got off of me and sat next to me. "Gotcha." Nath said. I just rolled my eyes . The game kept going on for another 30 minutes, we finally decided to end it. "Wow, that game was really interesting." Tom said. I laughed, "Yea I know right." I got up and stretched a bit relaxing my muscles from sitting for an hour. "So, what do you want to do? It's only 10:30." Max said. I shrugged. "Dunno, watch a movie?" I suggested. They all agreed and took their places on the couch. Jay looked at me in a kiddy way and asked in his 'best' kiddy tone, "Can we have popcorn Dessy-poo?" I rolled my eyes and went over to him. I pinched his cheeks and nodded. "Sure Jay." I giggled looking at Jay's cheeks. "I'll help!" Nath chirped. "Don't take too long lovebirds!!!" Max and Tom shouted at once. I walked into the kitchen with Nath following close behind me. Nath walked around the kitchen like a lost bird looking for popcorn. I sighed, "Nath, the popcorn is in the cupboard to your left." I jumped up on the work top and sat there swinging my legs.

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