Chapter 5

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I was feeling pretty good about this set, though my expectations sunk a little when Alyxa, Reily and Jaymes said that they were afraid of heights. 

That kind of fear was nothing new, but just a little weird because so many were in one group. Usually it was none, or just one, occasionally two. 

I began to slowly pick my way. “Be careful,” I called behind me as Reily took a step. She slipped and Jaymes caught her, while throwing a dirty look at me. I rolled my eyes as Reily got back to her feet, smiling thankfully at Jaymes and gingerly stepped on each board like it was paper. After Reily was Jaymes, then Markus, Lily, Devin, Alyxa, Carter and Dustin last. 

Just on the first few steps, Reily slipped, Alyxa almost fell off the bridge, and Jaymes shot so many angry looks at me that I was almost used to his eyes burning holes into my back. Reily was so clumsy, that Jaymes had to let Markus pass in front of him. 

Markus… he was a mystery to me. He seemed like he didn’t like himself, which was odd to me. Why hate yourself if you cannot change what you are? Goodness knows how many times I’ve wanted to change who I was, just to have a normal life, you know? 

I never knew a normal life. I grew up on the island, born here, and I’ll probably die here too. My sisters and brothers will probably do the same, and all of us have wished to be normal, but we can’t always get what we want. Especially this specific wish. 

“What are you?” Markus asked abruptly. I looked back, noting that though the others seemed to be concentrated on crossing the unsafe bridge, a few of them had their ears perked for my answer. 

I chuckled. 

“Why do you want to know?” I answered coolly, glancing back at him while walking. 

He flashed a smile that was gone as quickly as it came. “Why not?” he said simply. 

I stopped and gaped like a fish at him. He shrugged and did his flash-smile again. Fuming, I spun and continued walking. 

The bridge was probably about five hundred feet across. It drooped a little in the middle and definitely swung back and forth with the wind. Not to mention there was that big ‘ole fiery pit of hell down there. Well it’s a magical island. You never know what you’re going to find next, it seems. 

I heard a thud, then a piercing scream. I spun around and spotted Alyxa, who had trailed a little too far back, sitting on her butt and staring at the creature at the start of the bridge.

It was a Moine boar. It was gray, with angry black enlarged pupils. It was a large one, about the size of a refrigerator lying on its side and it looked majorly pissed. Its crystalline hooves, diamond-hard, gouged the floor, slashing angry marks into the grass. Its horns curved upward sharply and it’s two large fangs protruded slightly from its snarling, foaming lips. An arrow stuck out of its flank, cold green blood oozing from its wound into the grass. The blood hissed and the few blades it touched directly withered, slumping in a brown, sad form. 

The poor grass.

Moine boars were one of Lord Moon’s experiments, one of his “children”. They’re one of his wildest creations, with no need to rules or obedience. They only obey their master. They can cause mass destruction when not tamed the very specific way that only Lord Moon has figured out. No one so far in any of our groups has figured it out yet, not even us. 

We’re doomed. 

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