Chapter l: Starts With a Cocky Jerk

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A Twist in the Story Line

Chapter l: Starts With a Cocky Jerk

I walked into my last class of the day, math. I dragged my bag along the floor to my desk which was in the back. I was almost there when I felt myself going down. I slammed against the ground with a thud.

A bunch of people laughed and my face turned bright red.

"Clean up on isle dork." Some nasty snob yelled from the front of the class.

"Smooth move ex-lax." Some dick-wad said.

I picked myself off the ground and got into my desk, my face most likely still red. I pulled out my books and sat them on my desk top. Still embarrassed from my fall I let my long brown hair in front of my face.

"Hello class." Mr. Evans said, the math teacher. "Well I need you all to get your homework out." He said, crap I forgot to do it.

I put my head in my hands and tried to become invisible.

"Excuse me, Darcy do you have your assignment done?" My head snapped up so quickly and I heard a crack and pain rushed to the back of my skull.

"Fuck!" I heard Mr. Evans cuss. I turned around and Mr. Evans was dancing around, blood gushing from his nose.

"Oh my god!" I yelled jumping up quickly.

"Look what you did spaz!" The same girl with the snide comment from before.

"Someone call the nurse." He yelled.

"Here take my jacket." I said pushing my jacket towards him and he put it on his nose as some girl with red hair called the nurse.

"Here sit down." I said pushing him in my desk.

"When will the burse be here." Mr. Evans said mumbling through the sweatshirt.

"She's on her way, and she has called 911." The redhead said.

"Okay guys, bo assigbents today." He said.

I let out a sigh of relief, I don't have any new homework and I will be able to finish my old assignment. On the inside I let out a fist pump.

"Okay I am here!" The nurse yelled running in the classroom, her big but jiggling as she ran towards us. "What happened?" She asked.

I looked at her and felt heat rise to my face. "I uh-, accidentally hit him with the back of my head." I said staring at the ground nervously.

"Do you think you might have a concussion?" She asked, applying pressure to Mr. Evans's nose.

"No I am fine. When do you think the ambulance will be here?" I asked, but then I heard the sirens.

"Okay! They're here," She said pointing to a big buff bald guy, his name was Joe. "Help me carry him out." She said. I don't know how she plans on carrying Mr. Evans out because he was pretty buff too.

They succeeded. I watched as they carried him out of the school and the principal and guidance teacher were outside with them too. But once the ambulance left they came back inside.

"Wow can you become any dorkier?" Asked the blonde bimbo with way too much makeup on asked. I just glared and sat back in my seat, my head in my hands.

"Darcy Jennings to the Guidance room." My name was called and I grabbed my stuff and walked to the Guidance office, which was on the other side of the school.

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