Chapter 10[=

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Running through the forest, I noticed something different. Wherever I am, it's not home. It's a magical place. All around, different creatures lurked about. Butterflies, the length of my fore arm, flew above my head, soaring through the tips of the trees. Something with the looks of fairies and pixies, as seen in movies, flew in circles around me, examining me. Magic ran through the trees, the wild flowers, that grew so strangely and wildly, and through everything. Even I felt the magic inside of me.

Stumbling upon a clearing, with a spring in the middle, I planted my feet firmly on the ground, taking in my surroundings. Within the forest, all types of creatures hid, watching my every move, as I made my way toward the spring. Feeling the breeze, I left my arms toward the sky along with my face.

The fairy-pixie like creatures flew around me, picking me up with their breeze. Sparkling lights, of all colors- golds, silvers, whites, and blues; followed their paths around me. Slowly and surely, as my feet lifted up off the ground, everything changed. My modernized clothes turned into a slim, white simple dress. My shoes became sandals, my hair braided itself, vines and flowers started to wove themselves throughout my hair.

As I was lowered down, a sense of belonging overwhelmed me. Once my feet brushed the grass beneath them, I was off. Jumping over the spring, I made my way. Where I was going, what I was to face, I had no idea. Soon enough I would find out. I was ready to find out, I was excited.


Standing at the edge of the village, I continued to pick up kindling for tonight's fire. Once the moon was directly over us, the ceremony of rememberance would start. It would mark the one year annerversry...

Before I was about to finish my thought, I noticed movement in the forest ahead of me. I straightened up, trying to get a better look. Once I realized what, or who, I was looking at, I dropped everything, running back to the village.

"She's back! She's back!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs, stopping in every hut. Villagers, confused and puzzled, came out of the huts.

"What are you talking about?" Kole asked, coming out with a spear in his hand.

"She's back," I said simply, pointing at Ivory as she walked into the grounds of the village. Of those who came out of their huts, gasps and silence fell over. The chief elder stood there, in the door way of the central sphere, in shock.


She's back.

Ivory was back.

Walking toward the crowd that surrounded her, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She looked as beautiful as ever. I hung back, waiting to see if she remembered any of us. If she remembered me...


Everything started to come back to me. My parents- Crystal and Rusty. My little sister, Rose. 

Violet. Kole. My two best friends.

Kole... I didn't see anybody who would resemble him, from what I remembered. I tried looking around, but the people were so estatic, they couldn't believe I was back. I couldn't find him or Violet.

"Violet? Kole?" I simply asked, hoping for a response. 

"I knew it!" Somebody exclaimed, out of sight.

"EVerybody hush!" One of the Elders said before I could speak again.

He came forward, people spliting the group in half for him. Winkled from worry and stress, he had a soft look on his face. 

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