:Chapter Two:

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I groan as I out away my many clothes into my very small room. There is no way I’m going to fit everything in here. My dad insisted that my little brother got the bigger room. Seriously? I have way more stuff than him.

I’m still worried about that guy moving in.

Would he go to my school? Is he a freak? What if he’s a murderer escaping the cops?

Do my parents care about my concerns?

Of course not!

They say I’m being silly.

I sigh as I try to shove my billion black shirts into my drawer. It pops out and hits me square in the stomach. Falling to the floor I feel sick. Could this day get any worse? I feel my Blackberry vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out to see a text from Selena.

How’s Monterey Bay? She asks.

Awful, I live in a rental and some guy named Austin is going to be renting a room. He’s 16 and he sounds freaky!! :(

Freaky cute I bet!! Grab some of that babe (;

With frustration at my best friend I shove my phone in my pocket. Seriously, I love that girl to death, but really? Grab some of that?  Does no one understand?

I sit up, only to remember the drawer and I get bumped in the head. Putting a hand over the burning spot I groan again. I already hate it here. The weather is dark and stormy, yet it feels like a hundred degrees. And I have to go to school tomorrow! If I could I would stop time right now and go back home. To all my friends, well friend, and my old room! This room is ugly, while my old one took me years to complete. Then we just move!

I feel like kicking a wall, but then my mom would yell at me again. To make it worse, Owen seems to be having a ball in the other room. I can hear his shouts of glee as he runs everywhere. I lay on my bed and think about what tomorrow and next week will bring. I hope this Austin person at least won’t wonder into my room at night.

Good thing there is locks on my door and windows.

Author's note:

A kind of boring chapter, but I hope you enjoyed anyways. Who is Austin really? Is he a gentleman or a complete weirdo? We'll see soon!

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