chaper two

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dial up my moms number, and wait for the ring to start. nothing. "thats wierd..." "what?" "theres no ring" "are you sure?" "ya"... now by this time we are both extremely frusrated, and this dosnt help.. so we both just sit there and do nothing. "here let me try" i heard Allison say. "ok..i dont know how much luck youll have though.. i hand her the phone and she tries calling a couple people while i daze off looking out the window. "nothing!" i come back to reality. "what?.. it still wont work?" "nope!" ..... "this is ridiculous... now were definatly missing the concert, your car is broken, and my phone wont call anyone.... all for no apparant reason!!" she sighs. "well maybe youre just out of range.." "i doubt that, nothing here is making sense at all... and noone is gonna find us out here because this isnt even close to the place were suppossed to be at" "it is kind of weird...should we hike back before anything else happens?" "o alli why are you so calm?" "idk..." "well lets just think for a while.." "ok"

I stare out the window, once again.., and start to think about today.. how this happened, will we get out, are we gonna die... and one question kept creeping through my mind. who. was. that. man?... i hope we dont come across him again because i have a really weird complex feeling about him.. im not sure if its, scared, curious, dangerous, or what... maybe all of the above.. but i dont think i wanna find out..

"hey jen..." "yeah" "when you saw that man back there... what did he look like?" "well... he was tall.. really tall, wearing a dark suit.. i think it was black.. he was kinda pale.. i didnt see his face.. it mustve been really shadowed.. and he looked to be bald.. why do you ask?" "because.." she gulps. "i think i found him" silence washes over the car as we both stare out the front window.. about twenty feet in front of us stands the hiker, or whoever he was.. "how long has he been standing there?" i whisper loudly "i dont know.. a few minutes?.. i didnt even see him walk there.. i was just staring out the window in deep thought and 'poof' there he was.."

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