Chapter 13

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Allision's Point of View:

"What is it?" You know you can tell me anything." Rocky said. "It started two weeks ago." I start tears fighting to fall any second. He just looked at me with concerned eyes. "I was at my house watching tv when I heard a knock on the door, thinking it was you I answered it. But when I opened it it was my ex boyfriend Alex." I say tears starting to fall down my face now. He took his left hand and wiped away my tears streaming down my face. Than he said,"Alex Hart?" I looked at him confused than said,"Yah it is, how do you know him?" He smiles and than says,"He's been my friend since second grade!" I looked at him shocked and wondered what I was going to say next. "um..Rocky I think it's a good idea if you would go home now." I sat trying to get out telling the rest of the story to him, surley it would crush him. "Oh, no you don't You are not fini..but before he finished his sentence shock and realization was clear on his face. "He didn't." Rocky than said. I bit my bottom lip and shook my head,"Yes rocky, he raped me." I say while a stream of tears fall down my face. His face softened and started to wipe the tears on my face with his hand. Than he said,"That's why you stopped than.. It wasn't because you didn't love me." I nodded me head up and down meaning yes. Than I spoke,"But rocky please don't tell him I told you he will hur.."but before I finished the door opened with a very happy looking Alex with a knife. He smiled and than said,"Allision, you told better face your concincences." and before I knew it both boys were on the ground fighting. My eyes widened and got my phone and texted Rydel: HELP!!!! Rocky and my ex are fighting! Call 911 and hurry!! Rydel's message came back immeadatly it said: kk, be there in a few! Within five minutes they all were here shocked. One. at both me and rocky were only in our underwear and bra and two. how badly they were fighting. I shook me head at them and just than Alex hit Rocky in the face really hard. I screamed. He looked at me and came over to me and pinned me to the ground while everyone went to rocky's aid. He was just about to undo my bra strap when the police came barging in the room. He was about to take off my bra when Rocky tackled him and said,"On my dead body are you going to do that!" I smiled and went inbetween both boys to stop the fight, but before I knew it I got hit in the arm and head with his knife and collapsed on the ground on top of Rocky. But before I blacked out I heard screaming and crying from our friends and that I would NEVER see alex again cause he's going to jail for life.

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