I playfully nudged Austin; he tickled my sides and gave me the sideways grin. I grinned back but automatically wiped the smile on my face as I thought about Damon.

 What was I doing to him? Damon had given me everything and now I was flirting with Austin. I felt like a cheater, a horrible manipulative hoe.

 But Austin, oh Austin. He was charming and blonde not to mention the glassy blue eyes that I would have to force myself to stop looking at. Austin had moved to school just this year and granted I did not know him very well, I felt like I knew enough.

  This thought brought me back to Damon, I loved him, I truly did. Things were going downhill fast though, every night I would sit in bed crying thinking of things we could have done differently. Things that would change the situation that I was in, he was so attractive, Damon, but he did not give me the affection I felt I needed, the affection that Austin gave me.

 “I love yah,” Austin grabbed a piece of my hair and playfully tugged at it.

  I smirked “Oh sure you do.”

 He grinned. “I’ll prove it too,” his country accent floated around my ears and made my heart melt. He reached his hand out towards mine and I grabbed it. He easily pulled me off the floor and put his hands around my waist, I put mine around his neck. “I’ll sing and as of you, just focus on not steppin’ on my toes.”

 I giggled and he began to sing, after about one minute I could not take it any longer. I began to laugh hysterically, he stopped mid chorus.

 “What are you laughin’ about?”

 “You, my friend are a horrible singer. My ears are dying.”

 He put his hand to his chest as if I had ripped his heart out “That hurts Soph, that really hurts, but I bet I’m a better singer than Damon ever will be.”

 I stopped dancing immediately, I unwrapped my hands from his neck. I shook my head and avoided his gaze. “What did I say pretty lady?”

 “It’s Damon, Austin, I still love him. I can’t break up with him for you.”

  His chuckle was forced, deep but I could still feel the emotion behind it. “Yeah, well how about you stop leading me on and go be with your boyfriend?” He said walking away.

 I could not get anything else out of my mouth; this was not what I wanted. I felt a hole in my heart opening. “Please no, please no, please, God, no,” I whispered to myself, but I did not get a reply, just a whole lot of heartbreak.


 I woke up feeling better, refreshed. I told myself it was going to be a good day, it was the weekend, I did not have anything to do and I was finally going to get to talk to my brother.

 I stood up and looked in the mirror hanging above my nightstand, mine and Elijah’s picture was taped in the corner. He was kissing my cheek and I had my tongue stuck out, that was a good time, a happy time, he was smiling, I was smiling and he was not a daddy, he also had not chosen my best friend over me at that point either.

  I shook the haunting facts off and smiled into my reflection in the mirror even though I did not feel like it. I picked up my cell phone and dialed my brother’s number. I heard a faint click and his voice carried through the phone and into my ear.

 “Mason?” I whispered.

 “McCalla? Sissy?” he confirmed.

 “Yeah, it’s me. I’ve missed you like crazy.”

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