Parents- Aftermath

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Dear Girl,

From the moment I set eyes on you, I knew you were a mistake. Apparently most parents feel love when they first glance at their child. Love. The only person I've ever loved is your father. A fiery passion inside of my heart, this is not how I felt about you. Regret? Yes. Dismay? Yes. Loathing? Yes. Washing over my body like an icy cold shower. Words cannot begin to describe these emotions that consumed me, obscuring my thoughts. And I'm sure your father thought exactly the same. Always, you have reminded me of a creepy doll, appearing innocent but secretly, evilly destroying all hopes and dreams. Shattering even the merest happy thought. From the moment you lay screaming on a spotless hospital bed next to me, looking like a drowned rat; I vowed that I would make you pay.

Over the years your father and I have tried our very hardest to keep that promise. And it's paid off. Together we've succeeded in vengeance, and you never said sorry. Never said sorry for ruining my chance of becoming a world-famous florist, never said sorry for stealing all our free time, never said sorry for being born. Not once. I know for a fact that more often than not you cried yourself to sleep at night, probably feeling all miserable and sorry for yourself. Because I'll tell you now- that isn't even a fraction of our feelings.

It started of with little pinches and tugs on hair. Each squeal you uttered would bring me pure joy and power. As you grew, so did my antipathy for you. The torment progressed to the occasional slap or punch, then ripping with nails, then full throttle. Literally. Every second you suffered this anguish would bring me a moment of sheer rapture, I fed on your suffering. My life was constructed around this one goal that had been carved into my mind. To destroy you, mentally and physically.

I was right all along. I'd realised that you were always bad news, and here we are now. In two separate dark cells behind bolted doors with a single mattress, living on bread and water. It enrages me that you are living happily in some orphanage, where the sun always shines. It angers me that you are hiding your deadly secret from the whole world, and not feeling guilty about it. You should be the one locked in a cage with hardly anything to eat or drink. We should be the ones contently living together without a worry in the world. you spoilt everything. This is all your fault. But as they say, life is unfair...

We will get you,

Your loving parents

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