Phoebe/Clyde's advice

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 It was the first day at your new school and you were excited! You got downstairs, had breakfast,got washed,dressed and then left for school

You met with Phoebe and you walked together 

"Hey Phoebe" you said as you hugged her

"Hey Y/N" she said hugging you back

"Umm.. so look.. it's this boy...."

"OMG Y/N tell me everything!!!!!"Phoebe cut you and began to squeal in excitement

"Well actually I don't know what is happening to me but for some reason I'm thnking of him" you said blushing

"OOOH I think I know exactly what is happening to you" Phoebe said,almost screaming


"Don't act like you don't know it sweetie. YOU LIKE HIM"

"Wh-what? No I don't" you quick backfire as your cheeks hit up

"What's up with the blushing face then?" Phoebe asks  as she raises an eyebrow

"Maybe I do" you said slowly

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! What was his name again?" Phoebe said as she hugged you

"L-Lincoln" you said as you started blushing 

"Y/N and Lincoln sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Phoebe started singing that silly song"So, tell me, how did you meet him? Was he staring at you? Was he blushing? Do you have a lot in common? Do you think he likes you back? Is he cute? What does he look like?TELL ME EVERYTHING EVEN THE SMALLEST DETAIL" Phoebe said 

You told her the WHOLE story. The ball, His ten sisters, the staring and the blushing, the tour...

When you were done Phoebe was looking at you with a big smile on her face

"Why are you smiling?" You asked her a bit confused

"Oh Y/N, Y/N, Y/N, honey isn't it obvious? Lincoln tots has a crush on you"

"No he doesn't" you said as you turned red as a tomato

"Well it is possible, you told me he was blushing all the tour"

" Yeah, but if he doesn't?" you said

" Dont worry Y/N I promise that we will find out soon if the boy has a crush on you"

"Thanks Phoebe" you said as hugging her

"No problem" She said as she hugged you back "Now let's hurry or we will be late on our first day" then you two headed to your new school

Meanwhile Lincoln met Clyde and they started walking together

"Hey Clyde"

"Hey buddy" 

*they high five*

"So...look I want to tell you something important" Lincoln said as he blushed

"Very important?" Clyde was terrified 

"Well...yeah pretty important"

"Oh no Lincoln do you have a serious illness?"


"Maybe from your pets. Pets are always dirty"


"Or maybe from your sister Lisa. She always uses you as a test subject"


" is this important thing you were talking about?"



"It's quite embarrassing" Lincoln was now red as a tomato

"Lincoln I'm your best friend of all time! I promise I won't tell anyone. Now spill"

"It's...about......a girl" Lincoln said slowly 

"You like a girl!?!?!"

"Well that's the problem, I don't know if I really like her"

"Don't worry buddy, I'm gonna help you. After years of therapy with dr. Lopez I've becomed a therapist myself! Now, I will ask you some questions and you will answer them honestly ok?"

"Ok" Lincoln said, still blushing a little bit

"So what was your reaction when you first saw her?"

"Well, I was blushing for no reason."

"Was she blushing to?" 


"Ok then" said Clyde, as he started writing in a small notebook 

"Clyde, what are you doing?"

"Real therapists must take notes Lincoln. I thought you know that. Anyway, let's get to the next question. What do you like on this girl?"

"Well,she is really beautiful,caring,sweet,funny,smart,she has a cute smile and charming eyes,we have everything in common, she likes Ace Savvy, just like me! She even eats peanut butter and sourcrout ( I think I spelled it wrong ) sandwich,like me! She knows how to make me laugh and how to make me feel better when I'm bummed out,she is very active and playful,she isn't lazy at all plus that she has ten brothers!!! I mean, I have ten sisters and she has ten brothers at the exactly same ages! It's like we were meant for each other..... but what am I saying, I don't like her, I mean, only as a friend not as a girlfriend and even if I liked her, but I don't, just saying, she would NEVER EVER like me back and if I asked her to be my girlfriend, which is not gonna happen because I don't like her,she would say no and I would lose my friend"

"Mmm... I think the results are ready" said Clyde


"Lets see.... yep, just as I was thinking, you don't like her..."

"Phew,told ya"

"'re in LOVE"Clyde said with an excited voice

"Wh-what..n-no I'm not" Lincoln said, blushing 

"Actually you really are .The fact that you were blushing and all those things you like about her indicate that you're in love! I'm so happy for you Linc!" Clyde said, as he hugged his best friend, who was still confused

"OMG you're right!!! I do like her! Thanks SO much Clyde you're a true friend"said Lincoln as he hugged him back

"No problem bud"said Clyde

"Only one question remains"said Lincoln

"What do you want to know?"

"Does she like me back?" Now Lincoln had a big blush on his face

"Well, we need to know more things about her to find out. But I promise I'll totally help you get the girl"

"Thanks Clyde"

"Anytime. Now let's hurry or we'll be late for class"said Clyde, as he grabbed Lincoln's hand

"Ok" said Lincoln as they headed to class

Little do they know that they will meet two certain girls in class. But what happens next? Will Lincoln and Y/N confess their feelings? Will Clyde's crush change?But what happens with Ronnie Anne? Will she try to mess up your relationship?Will it work? Read the next chapter to find out!

Xoxo,Lols66 🌈🌈🌈

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