14th September 2012

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14th September 2012

Dear Jemma,

Wow. It's been a while since I've talked to you! Right now, I'm sorting through the few things I owned in my miserable childhood. I'm reminded of how horrific it was, not that it seemed it at the time. I can't believe I thought it was a normal life! Anyway here's what's been happening in the meantime:

After the incident with the package, Mr Juldon had thundered down to our house because of the missing coin. It was one coin that was missing, but he still noticed it. Anyway, the police followed him and now he's locked behind bars- along with my mother and father. It turns out that package was supposed to be jam-packed with cocaine. I can't say how relived I am. It's not permanent though, not a life sentence. I don't know how I'll cope when they come out, that thought tugs on my brain every day.

Would you believe it? I actually have a name: Jessie! It's the most brilliant name ever and I love it. I whisper it to myself every time when I go to bed. It's so good to actually be someone and not just a worthless girl. Now, it doesn't matter if anybody's mean to me because I have two pets to keep me company when times get tough. I have a cat called Charcoal (she's pure white) and a dog named Snowy (he's jet black).

Now I live in a foster home. I love it here. It's just like having a big happy family! When I arrived I was untidy and disheveled but they still made me feel welcome. It took about seven washes to get all the dirt off my body and hair before it turned out that my hair colour was actually blonde and not dirty brown. It's great here, I don't even have to do my own washing! My favorite food is ice-cream; they gave it to me on my first day here and it's so creamy and sweet- I could eat it by the bucketful. School is amazing. I never knew how much I'd been missing out on when I lived with my parents. It turns out that most kids don't get beaten and their parents love them! I feel so glad that the Social Services found out about me, it makes me feel like I'm special- an emotion that I'd never felt before I arrived here. My English teacher says I have a talent for writing. I didn't even know that talent was a word! 

But I hate it when anyone touches me. It reminds me of my parents and how cruel they were to me. I want to forget them but I know that will never happen. I will never forgive my parents for the endless years of pain they inflicted upon me.

It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted of my shoulders that I didn't even know I was carrying. It feels wonderful that I actually have friends, and I didn't realize how lonely I was up until now.

On the outside all my wounds have healed but on the inside, they never will...

The lesson I have learnt today is that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

 Thanks for helping me,


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