Spirits that lurk throughout

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Screaming Within

Kept a secret from the world

No one to Protect or Defend

Forming a balenced neworld

The spirits feast on my flesh

filled with blood so fresh

lurking through the sky

With their hopes so high

Waiting for the Neworld to rise

Even though they despise.

My final moments of life goes by fast

making you think of the things from the past I

could hear my heart roaring out of my chest

knowing that i have finished my life's quest

you may think life is just a game

filling you with so much pain

but life is more then just pain and fear

life is an enjoyment that you should live with all you peers

The spirits will take me soon enough and And to many I love this will be tough.

Our newworld should be ours and no onelse's, so when I'm gone taken back what they have taken and have them so they are shamefully begging. These spirits gave no mercy to us dead, so I say let them rot without being feed. I am gone, but not before the spirits were deprived and the human's won.

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