dad,what am i?

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A/N: I tried to make this a sad/creepy chapter but ill update agine soon oh and the twist in the story is finally here

A/N: I tried to make this a sad/creepy chapter but ill update agine soon oh and the twist in the story is finally here

**Monte's P.O.V***

We were all playing halo then when we were all about to go aginst Rob,Alex swiched teams,so we barly got any kills.But we did have a great time.Pretty soon alex got sleepy so she was heading to bed while the guys and I started to paly this racing game that we had to take turns in, out of no where I started to get really tierd but I had a kind of creepy feeling,like the type you get when sombodys waching you.I just shook it off and I headed to bed

"Where are you going Monte?"Craig asked

"I'm getting tierd"

"I think we should all get some sleep,my cheeks hurt from smileing so much"Micheal said.So we all said our goodnights and headed to our bunks but I decided to check on Alex.When I pulled her curtin open and the look she had on her face had fear writen all over it,it looked like she was having a nightmare because she keept whispering 'no'.I couldn't take it so I tried to wake her up,and it worked.She woke up gasping for air and orange eyes

"Alex are you ok?"I asked,geting worried

"Ya I'm fine,just had a nightmare"she sayed with a shakey voice

"Do you want to sleep with me?"

"Ya,id like that" she sayed as she climed out from her bunk to the one under hers and I layed with my arms around her waist but I could still feel her shaking

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"It was about you"she whisperd

"What do you mean?"

"My mom found out where I was so she came to find me and you tried to defend me but..."

"But what?

"She had a gun" she started to cry so I put her head on my cheast

"Don't even worry about her,she'll never come any where near you,I promise" as soon as I sayed that,the feeling I had about being wacthed was gone,so I relaxed a little"get some sleep babe,I'll be right by your side"I said as I hugged her tight

"Alright, goodnight, I love you"she sayed

"I love you too"I waited to make sure she fell alseep and pretty soon her breathing started to steady and she started her light snoring.Its weird,her snoring actually helps you fall asleep faster,kinda like max.I hope the guys doing well,at least we get to do this tour with him and his new band.I started to fall asleep pretty soon

**********************still Monte

I woke up alone in the bunk,I looked out the curtin and saw Alex making some sandwichs for everyone to eat when they wake up

"Morning sleepy head"she sayed as she smiled at me

"Morning sexy chef"and as expected she turned that same shade of pink I love so much and I laughed

"Not funny"she grumbled

"Too cute"

"You want a sandwich?"

"Ya sure" and she tossed me one as she started to walk to the back of the buss and turned on the xbox

"Are you really gonna play halo alone?"

"No I'm gonna play some mindcraft and you can join me if you want"

"Is that the block game?"

"Ya,you think its stupid huh?"


"Well its better than you think"

"Really,how so?"

"Well-"she got cut off by her phone

"Hello?'m actually on tour with Montes band.....well there next show is near by maybe we could talk then?....ok great see ya then"and she hung up the phone

"Your dad?"

"He wants to talk to me so are you ok with me hanging out with my dad backstage?"

"Ya no problem now explain this 'mindcraft' to me"

"Are you guys serious?"Craig and Rob sayed with T.J and Micheal close behind

****Alex's P.O.V****

I spent most of the day with Monte and the guys,trying to explain how to play mindcraft,and as it turns out they ended up liking it.

"God I was way wrong about this"Monte sayed

"Oh my good,Mindcraft,I love that game"a voice sayed and every one turned around to see Max green with his band mates and they all greated eachother

"So who's this?" Max asked as he nodded his head towards me

"That's Monte's new Girlfriend,Alex and she has the coolest eyes"Craig sayed

"Hi I'm Max and how much weed has he smoked?"Maxed asked me

"You don't belive me,look at her eyes, Alex you have a big tits and you should marry Monte"I instantly felt my face heat up as I looked at every ETF member who were laughing there asses off and the TNBK membery who were staring at me with courius eyes

"Holy shit that's so cool" Max sayed


"How do they do that?"philpe asked,I think he's the drummer

"I'm not sure I was just born this way"

"Your on the right track,baby you were born this way"Max started to sing

"Bro,please don't go GAGA on us now"Calyton said, the singer

"Well we actually came to get you guys ,the show starts in 15min"Brent said,bass guitar"

"Ya,alright man,let's go guys"Craig said, whiping a tear

"It wasn't that funny"I said

"You obviously didn't pay attention to Monte's face"Robert said and we all started to head of the buss but I stood by the buildings exit

"Why are you stoping here?"Monte asked

"Cuz I have to wait for my dad but you go do your show,don't worry about me"

"Your asking for to much now,but ill see you later"he said as he hesatently turned and walked away.Then almost out of no where my dad apperead

"Hey dad so what did you want to tell me"

"Let's go inside your buss so you could sit down"so we walk inside the buss and we sit in the back

"What is it dad?"I asked

"Alex,sweetheart.....I'm gonna die....I have a brain tumer and the docters gave me 2 monthes to live"he said looking down

" they had to be wrong"I said getting watery eyse

"Alex,sit down please there's some thing else too"I couldn't do anything but just sit there and cry

"The reason your eyes are like that is because....ugh this is harder than I thought"he mummerd

"Just say it"I whimmpered"I dought this could get any worse"

".......I'm a demon"he sayed and heart stoped

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