"You guys sold out Madison Square Garden in less than a minute, have millions of fans from over 150 countries, bombed your first tour, now its time to rock the second. The second tour is always the hardest. More screaming girls, bigger-" Harry interupted Paul's before tour, suposed to be uplifting, pep talk. "There were a couple screaming guys at the last concert..." he smirked. Paul shot him an inapproving stare. "My point, were all going to have to work alot harder. I dont doubt any of you for a second but its going to be frustrating. Bigger arenas means were going to need bigger sound. And I couldnt be anymore proud to call all of my sons." Paul finished smiling, making everybody do the same. "In a round about way." he added returning to his seriousness. You could tell the boys absolutly adored Paul. Who didnt? There was always something soft and sweet behind the stern look he was constantly wearing.

It was the day before the One Direction 2012/ 2013 tour. And since their new album wasnt coming out until the 25th of September, we were going to have to sing from the Up All Night album. I agreed with Paul, I didnt doubt them and knew they were able to keep a good head on their shoulders, while spending countless hours with crazed, 1D attired tennage girls. Mostly beacuse we were goin to be up on stage with them. To be honest, I was more worried about the plane ride over to Canada tomorrow. Considering Lindsey was going to be on that plane, and shes never been on one before. She a little nervous (and by a little, I think you know that I mean ALOT). I mean Ive never been on one either, but as long as I had Louis with me, I was perfectly fine.

After coming home from seeing Paul, everybody was frantic with the packing situtation. Lindsey over-packed, ending up with about seven bags vs. everyone else with four to five bags. Except for Sam, who under-packed. Thinking that is was only nessecery to bring three outfits (not including stage clothes) for a four month session. And I crammed a bunch of stuff into my bags, then getting yelled at by Liam for not being more orginized. Every four months of the tour we would take a three day trip back to England to freshen up everything.

Three fights, fivephone calls about Louis and Harry forgetting to pack their "His & Her" blankets, and seven hours later... there we stood. In the airport. To add to all the chaos, Lindsey was about to cry, apparently, trying to think of all the ways she could die on a plane. And as always, Niall was there to calm her down. In the midst of Lindsey's "what if" frenzy about the plane, a british accented lady came on the intercom announcing that our flight was prepared and ready to board. All of our heads shot around to Lindsey, who's eyes widened. "I cant do it." she said. "Babe-" Niall started but his girlfriend caught him mid sentence. "Nope Niall, not happening." she shouted. "Yeah, I dont much want to leave either." Harry said, raising his eyebrows. "We dont get good cell service over there..." he added looking down at his iPhone screen. "Harry you hardky ever use your phone, except for Twitter and..." I looked at him. "And talking to Autumn." Zayn finished my sentence winking. All of us smiled at eachother. We all stood in a circle, holding eachother up with shoulders. From it being about four 4:00 a.m., we were all barely able to keep our eyes open. And Liam just decides to pick his bags up and starts walking. "Babe, where are you going?" Sam shouted noticing the now empty space beside her. "I dont know if you guys noticed but our plane leaves in ten minutes, I couldnt possibly wait any longer to get in a country where these lads arent allowed to get drunk everynight." Liam pointed at the sneeky faces others of One Direction. We all laughed and followed Daddy Direction, Niall eventually having to throw Lindsey over his shoulder and hoist her onto the plane. Once our lugage rested in the compartments, we sat down as couples in the cabin. And yes, at this point when Maureen and Autumn werent around, Harry and Zayn were considered a couple. "Okay now that were all on this thing, there is a few rules coming from past experiences." Liam said loosing all the boys when he popped out the "r" word that restricted them from what they called fun. "Harry, clothes on at all times... even when you have to use the toilet." he pointed a finger. All he got from Harry was a cheeky smiile and two thumbs up. "Lindsey, barf bag." Liam handed Linds a blue platic bag. She nodded, by this time she looked a bit woozy. She was going to need the barf bag. "Sam and I are going to sleep so just be quiet." Liam stopped talking and instantly conked out on Sammie's shoulder. All of us practically cloned his actions and quickly fell alseep. Seconds after believing I was aleep, my ear caught something like a heavy breathing. I raised up from Lou and turned around looking at Lindsey who was clenching the armed seats and inhaling and exhaling in the bag. I thought it was pretty funny, Ive seen that movie scene many times before on the telly. I giggled, "You okay Linds?". "Yeah, just fine." she replied removing the blown up bag from her lips. "Try to sleep hun, it will make you feel better." I reasured her. She gave me a weak smile, closed her eyes and leaned on Niall who was already out of it. "Love you Lindsey." I said turning back around and looked at a dosing Louis, and leaned on his shoulder. This was going to be a fun first plane ride.

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