How you met

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Ben Hardy
You were Roger Taylors daughter and met Ben while they were shooting Bohemian Rhapsody. Ben would constantly tease you about how you are basically dating your dad.

Joe Mazzello
You met in a café, you where peacefully reading a book when he suddenly sat next to you and asked you about the book you where reading, it all began there.

Gwilym Lee
Lucy, your best friend, introduced you to the cast and from there you instantly clicked with Gwilym, he asked you on a date and a month later he asked you to be his girlfriend.

Rami Malek
He has always been your friend since you were born, the day he got the news that he got the part of Freddie Mercury he got so excited that he kissed you on the lips, then you both confessed that you have liked each other since you were little.

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