Chapter 9: Mates

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EJ’s P.O.V

  I leaped over the fence to see uncle Fe running and dancing around like a loony. There was no way I was going to even try to talk to the idiot.

  I walked in the back door closing it slowly and shouted ‘Mom!’

  ‘What’ mom shouted back for no reason, mind you there was no reason for me to shout either we can hear each other perfectly.

  ‘Why is Felix dancing around the back garden like a fool?’

  ‘He has a sugar rush from a girl he drunk’ then even louder I think to make sure Fe heard properly ‘That’s why I don’t drink humans’

  ‘Hahahaha you’re just a wuss Bella Swan’ Felix screamed ‘Am I allowed to come in yet I’m getting bored’

  ‘Good and no. we’re going to the Cullen’s now anyway so go round and get in one of the cars now before I kill you’ I looked out the window of the kitchen and saw Felix scrambling like a terrified rat to get to the car. Good thing he knows what moms like.

  ‘Okay everyone let’s get gone’ dad yelled obviously ready to fight.

  We got to the house in five minutes. It looked amazing, the front wall wasn’t even there it was mostly glass and so open. I could see one bedroom that had so many CD’s it looked like a music store. I WANT THAT ROOM.

  I suddenly realized that mom had been staring at the house for ages and abruptly she shook her head as if to get rid of a bad thought then started towards the house. Everyone gathered behind her as she began to on the door. A handsome man answered the door before she could; he had blond slicked back hair, golden eyes like my mothers and fathers, kind feature that you don’t normally see on a vampire and obviously pail rock hard skin.

  But he had a shocked look on his face when he looked at mom ‘Bella’ he said in an epic English accent.

Edwards P.O.V

  I was shocked to hear Carlisle say Bella’s name and apparently so was everyone else. Jasper snapped out the quickest and rushed over to Rose to hold her just as she came back to reality steaming with anger. He sent calm through the room and everyone’s tense positions relaxed emidietly.

  I so wish i could still read peoples thought’s it’s been to many years of it it’s just uncomfortable without it.

  I was brought out of my thoughts but the sound of many feet walking to the living room and some giddy laughter as well as some get off’s. They all walked in and Carlisle sat down next to Esme pulling her closed to him for either her protection or his comfort.

  Bella began to speak while Demitry walked round to the back of the group to sort Felix out. What the fucks wrong with him anyway. ‘Right what were here for is the Volturi have made this medicine that can make vampires turn into humans and we know that some of you’ Bella’s eyes darted towards Roselie who was trying desperately not to kill Bella by the sight of it ‘but there is a slight side affect’

  ‘What’s the side affect’ Esme asked wearily

  ‘Well when you take it, it turns you five years younger. It has been tested on one of the guard’s hidey and so far it has been successful.’

  ‘What do you mean by so far’ Alice piped up

  ‘Well’ Alec began ‘she has been fine for the past month and we just wanted to say so far but we suspect she will grow up as far as she has. All she has to do to stay human is take the medicine every five months and she will be just like she is now.

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