A small white she cat pushed the last kit onto a soft blanket. She layed there panting. Two little kittens suckled on their mother's belly. The white she-cat peered at her kits. A calico she-kit and a tabby and white tom. Her tabby mate stood there with a purr in his mew.

   "What will we name them?" he asked. "How about this one's Mittens." He touched the tabby kit on his head with his tail.

   "Okay." the she-cat licked the calico's head. "And this one's Hope, after my mother."

   "I have to go." mewed the tom as a stomping interrupted them. "I'll bring you a mouse!" He whisked away leaving the white she-cat alone. A large human- her owner- stopped and let out an "aww".

   As he reached for a kitten, the white she-cat hissed at him. He reared back.

   "It's okay, girl." soothed the human. The she-cat couldn't understand him but knew he meant well. "I just want to see your babies." A soft pink hand lifted up the calico by her scruff. She let out a wail.

   "I have to show Rebecka." he gently put down the kit and left the garage. The white she-cat checked her kit for signs of injury. Nothing was wrong.

   "It's okay, Hope." whispered the white cat. "Your back with your brother." She led the kit to her belly with her fluffy tail. 

   A roaring bark scared the white she-cat. It belonged to the huge dog who lived with her. She hissed at it through the fence. A large black dog with brown on it's face was barking his huge head off. The kittens mewled and snuggled closer to her.

   "Hope..." she echoed. "You have a bright future, Hope. I love you so much."

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