Chapter 27

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Everything seemed to run smoothly over the next couple of days.  

Danielle decided to stay longer, to not only stop Liam's whining if she left but to keep me some girly company. 

The boys had a show nearly every night and it was tiring.

Louis had started to see the girl we knew as Eleanor girl a lot more and I was sure it was only a matter of time before they got together even if we were yet to meet her.

"Can we go for pizza?" I asked, aiming my question at the group as we sat around on the sofas. Danielle was sleeping; her head rested on Liam's lap. Zayn was still in bed even though it was 2pm.  

Today was a Sunday and we had no plans, I think the boys fancied a lazy day, but I wanted to change that.  

"Uhhh, does that mean getting dressed?" Harry groaned. 

"That's so much effort!" Louis complained. Louis Tomlinson was being lazy, not hyperactive and loud, woah.  

"Oh okay, I guess not then." I said, looking down, putting on a fake sulk. 

"We can go for pizza." Niall said, implying that the two of us could go as he began twirling some of my hair round his index finger; something he was fond of doing often. 

I sat up and at him, flashing a toothy grin. 

"You might want to get dressed first though." He said, eyeing up my body. I looked down at what I was wearing, a pair of sweatpants and one of Niall's t-shirts.  

He was already dressed, the only one who was. Niall was dressed in plain black jeans that were tampered at the bottom and a plain grey t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up a little. 

"Okay." I said, clambering off the sofa and heading for the stairs. I didn't want this to be a date, I just wanted pizza.  

"Yessss, peace and quiet!" I heard one of the boys screech, most likely Louis. 

I threw on a pair of jeans and an ivory coloured top with a peter pan collar, one of the tops included in Niall's surprise order. I left my hair natural, my fuels had dropped a little where I had bothered to style it at all that day.  

I finished my outfit with a pair of brown brogues before racing out of my room, grabbing my phone and heading down the stairs.

"Ready to go!" I said, jumping from the bottom step.  

Niall was already waiting by the door. I quickly hollered a number of goodbyes to our friends before following him out of the apartment. Niall had already called a taxi and it was waiting outside. The number of fans waiting outside had died down dramatically over the past few days so we crept out of the hotel without any interruption.

"Can you just take us to the nearest pizza parlour?" Niall asked as we seated inside the taxi. 

"Sure." The taxi driver replied as he started up his engine.

"You look pretty familiar." The driver said, looking in his rear view mirror. 

Niall's eyes darted over to mine as his cheeks flashed red. "Do I?" He asked, not exactly admitting who he was.  

"Yeah, have I driven you before or something?" He continued to question. 

"I don't think so.." 

"Hmmm.." The driver continued to glance over at Niall in his rear view mirror.

Niall tipped the driver as we pulled up to a pizza parlour. 

As we walked in we were greeted by a slim blonde waitress who wore a smile which looked like it could crack her face. 

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