Chapter 7

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Sophia felt her phone vibrate as she stood in a little bakery in the west village. With her hair pinned up, and her navy jumpsuit, she felt a little oversressed for the dessert testing at Caketastic that she had set up for her client. Mrs frankle, with her rainbow cheetah print dress, and violet hair claimed that her more...creative look was ideal for the end of the spring season. Sophia allowed her mind to wander back to her now almost month long stand off with her sister, when Mrs.Frankle exclaimed.

"It perfect McLair! its just how I pictured it"

Sophia blinked back into focus & shook her head as she smiled at the drawing that the baker had come up with. Three balls , of chocolate, carrot and red velvet on a lemon platform . It was definately something Mrs.Frankle would dream up. The 35 year old was the head of Sparkle incorporated, responsible for the largest retail sale of High Fashion in the world. With a title like that, it was understandable why she might come off as...eccentric. Sophia began to go into the price specifics when she noticed the look on the bakers face. The older man that ran Caketastic looked as if he was of irish decent, but paled even further when he found out that the massive cake would need to be completed along with 500 cakeballs in the next three few months. He looked up over his glasses, as he finished writing out the order.

"Ma'am, this is a very tall order for our little staff I have other people to cater to."

Sophia reached out to put her copy of the order, and her recipt into the file she carried with the paperwork for the party.

"Mr.Mclair, I understand that its s difficult task, and im dealing with one of those myself, but I have faith in you."

The man smiled with kind eyes, and continued to do so as he held the door open for the women.

"Thank you for your words, and your buisness."

"Thank you sir, Someone from Mrs.Frankles firm will be sending you a reminder about the cake in the upcoming month"

Sophia shook the mans hand, and opened the door to her white BMW for her client. After Mrs.Frankle was ready, she made conversation as she checked her phones new messages.

"So, Mrs.Frankle, What did you think?"

Mrs.Frankle began to babble about how much she loved the ideas that Sophia had come up with as she read the text from her sister

-Hermanita, We need to talk. My phones dying, but ill meet you at the house. Te Amo .

Sophia smiled to herself. In her 22 years, she hadnt went this long not speaking to her sister. She was so happy that she almost didnt open the message from Lacy. She supposed Lacy wanted to make plans tonight, and opened the message to see what ideas she had.

-911 . Salvation through harmony. Dux is back and after Marcus. Dont go home alone, and dont tell Des.

Sophia started to panic as she realized that she was atleast 15 minutes away from home, not adding in the time it would take to drop off her client, and Destinee would already be half way home by now. Her state of panic increased when she realized that her sister's phone was dead and that she would face the demon alone. As she started the engine, Mrs.Frankle noticed that sumthing was wrong.

"Sophia? Did I upset you? I really did like the original flower plan, but-"

Sophia ran a hand through her hair, as she tried to focus.

"No Mrs.Frankle, I just remembered, Im late to meet up with my sister."

Mrs.Frankle prepared to speak again, but she was silenced as Sophia slammed her way into traffic.

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