~~~Oliver's POV~~~

All we could do was wait, I could see it was killing Blake, he hated it, not being able to do anything. Kendall had bitten all of her fingernails off and as Jake tried to pick up on Molly's scent Blake looked like he wanted to punch something. Or someone. 

I took another step away from him, Blake wasn't a huge guy but he was allot stronger than he looked. I sighed, this was taking forever, what did the guy want with Molly? I didn't even want to think about it, but I knew it's what was on everybodys mind.

'' Got it. That way.'' Jake said.

We had followed Molly scent as much as we could, I had no idea where we were because we just followed the one road we needed to, not paying attention to the signs.

Blake immediatly shifted, bounding up to wear Jake was stood and sniffing the air. He started too run, before we knew it he was way ahead. Kendall shifted and ran after him as fast as she could. Kendall was a small wolf, but she was quick and agile, which is what you needed if you wanted to catch up with Blake.

I shared a look with Jake and he shifted, running after Kendall. We hadn't seen much of Kendall since she found her mate, and I wondered what I'd do when she went to live with Jake and his pack. She was my best friend, she has been since we were children, I just hoped that wouldn't change. I quickly shifted and tried my best to catch up with the others.


I don't think I had ever ran so fast

I'd been such a jerk, what the fuck was wring with me? Now somebody has taken Molly and I wasn't there, I could've helped her, but instead I'd told her I was with putting up with her shit.

Oh god, what if she's already gone? What if I'm too late to help her? And those were my  last words to her....

I shook my head and growled, I couldn't think like that. 

The wind whipped past me, brushing my fur and hitting my face, my four paws hardly even brushing the hard road under me. I tried to reach her through the bond we had, I tried and when it failed I tried again. Nothing. I stopped, it was dark I had lost her scent. I was angry, furious at myself.

I let out a long howl, one full of pain.

~~~Mystery POV~~~

She slept for a while, I found myself getting terribly bored. The room was lit dimly by the small lamp by my side, I took out a small pen knife I always kept on me and occupied myself while waiting for my darling Molly to wake.

~~Molly's POV~~

My mind was fuzzy, everything was slow and I struggled to get my thoughts together. I tried to move my legs, they shuffled but did nothing else. I forced my eyes open and almost gasped. The room was lighter now, but only by a little bit. I couldn't quite make out who was sat in the chair, the hood was covering his face, but it was a man, and he was cutting his wrist.

'' Oh god, please stop.'' I whimpered, squeezing my eyes shut, trying to get the image of it out of my head. He stood up and walked over to me, I could hear his footsteps against the cold floor, painfully slowly.

'' Molly, I can't even tell you how exciting it is! It's just, just, just..'' He trailed off bowing his head, a small smile on his face. '' You have to try it.'' He said, crawling towards me swiftly. I flinched and scooted right back, my back pressed up against the hard wall.

'' No, no, please don't, I'm begging you-''

'' Shh, don't worry Molly, I promise, you'll love it....'' He said, taking the knife out and trying to take my hand. I screamed and kicked him, trying to get him away. His hood fell down I gasped loudly, shaking.

'' N-N-Noah?''


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