Part 3

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I smile, we start to learn our dance. We learn it in about an hour and a half, then it's Brandon and I's duet. So this better show something going on if you know what I mean. Abby's says winking. We laugh and start learning, it's a basic dance, cute, meant for a couple. Finally dance is over. Brooke, do you want to go to get ice cream with me? Brandon says, I smile and say Of course! We get to Brandons car and start heading. We have the music up loud. Loud enough that Brandon wasn't paying attention. The next thing I notice is a big truck pulling out infront of us.
-The Next Day- I wake up in a white, plain room with the news on. I look around and see my brother Josh, My mom, my dad, Paige and Abby. I sit up a little. Mom? What happened? I say and she rushes to the bed. Brooke, your okay. You just got in a car reck. She says, and you didn't get hurt. Just a few bruises. She said sounding a little shaky. Where is Brandon? I ask hoping he is okay. Abby walks over and tells me, he blocked the airbag with his arm so it didnt ended up killing me. He broke his arm and has a few cuts and bruises. She says. Will he dance? I ask. No, he can't. So we are bringing in a new dancer. She says grinning. A fall asleep and a few hours later no one is in my room. I stand up and walk to Brandon's room. He is awake, watching A movie. I step in his room, he looks at me and then I rush to his bed and hug him. Thank you Brandon. I say crying a little. He takes my head in his hands forcing me to look at him. Brooke, I love you and don't ever want to see that happen to you. I would rather not dance and be laying here with a broken arm, then have you badly hurt and not being able for you to dance. He says. I look into his eyes and lean in for a kiss.

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