☆ Chapter 8 ☆

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Amerie's P.O.V

OMG I don't know what to say. The way he said everything made me want to melt in his arms.

Roc: So Amerie what do you say

Amerie: Yes I'll be your girl

Roc had this huge smile on his face. He picked me up and kissed me. The kiss was so amazing it felt like it was just me and him on another planet. He finally put me down.

Roc: I love you Amerie

Well I guess its safe enough for me to say I love him.

Amerie: I love you too

We cuddled in his room and eventually fell asleep.

~The Next Day~

Roc's P.O.V

I woke up with Amerie in my arms, she looks so cute when she sleeps. I decided to wake her up but she wouldnt budge wow she's a heavy sleeper. I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and took a shower. When I walked back into the room she was still sleeping. So I decided to get breakfast for us. I went downstairs and saw Prodigy oh shit here he comes.

Prodigy: Hey wassup

Roc: Nothing and you

Prod: Im doing just fine

Roc: Yea whatever man, I got to go

Prod: Well damn bye then

I walked off cause I don't have any words to say to him. He cheated then leaves for the other girl. Except for trying to get Rosa back. Thats that shit I don't like. I will never treat Amerie like that. I will treat Amerie like I do to my mother Respectful.

Rosaline P.O.V

I decided to search up some teen clubs in London so me and the girls could have a girls night I found one called Sin City They're having a foam party and we gotta wear bathing suits yaassss maybe I can find me cutie tonight I called all the girls out their rooms to tell them about tonight

Rosaline: I found a teen club for us to go tonight

Zikeyia: What's it called

Rosaline: Sin City and there's gonna be a foam party today so we can were or bikin's

Destiny: Yaaaaay I can't wait

Lauren: Wait where's Amerie

Jessica: I think she's with Roc

Demitra: Ohhh they were doing the freaky

Amerie: Nooooo we werent

Zikeyia: When the hell did you walk in

Amerie: Just in time to hear what demitra said

Demitra: Girl you know I was playing

Amerie: Mhmmm

Jessica: Sooo anyways Rosa called us over here to tell us were having a Girls night Today and were going to a foam party when we wear our bikini's and shit

Amerie: Wow that sounds fun

Zikeyia: Plus we can meet some cuties

Amerie: Yeah you Jessica and Rosa can Im off the market

Rosaline: Ahhhhhhhhhh I knew you were gonna say yes

Lauren: So you and Roc are together now

Amerie: Yeppp we are

Bianca: Yaaay my new Sister-In-law

Zikeyia: Well thats good for you Im going to pick out my bikini from now

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