Chapter 10

            “I’ll see you later then,” Will said, placing a kiss on my lips.  Each one made me crave him more, and I swallowed a moan.

            “Of course,” I replied, smiling shyly up at him.  Our fingers locked together perfectly.   “I wish you could come, but I don’t know how my family would react when I told them I found my mate.  Especially since I’m only fifteen.”

            “Well I’m sixteen,” Will stated with a laugh.  “Besides, this is normally the age where werewolves meet their mates.  It’s usually between thirteen and twenty.”

            “It’s still young,” I said, smirking up at him.  He smiled down at me as I turned to the front door. My sisters and brother waited for me outside.  They dressed in their bathing suits, ready to go to the lake.

            “See you later,” we said at the same time before the door closed behind me.

            “I see that you’re fitting in great,” my aunt, Regina, stated.  She rubbed my head before getting back into the giant hippie decorate van.  My uncle, Bill, buys anything if it’s cheap.  At least he got use out of the pink and turquoise van.

            “Maybe that’s because everyone here is about her age,” my cousin, Liv said from inside the van.  I climbed in and sat beside her.  Liv was my age, with light brown hair and brownish-gold eyes. She smiled brightly, elbowing me in the ribs.  I rolled my eyes at her and growled playfully poking her side.

            “Or maybe it’s because she is turning into an alpha,” Teresa snorted, her arms crossed over her chest.  She scowled, looking at no one.  Everyone glared at her, trying to figure out what she meant.  Only I knew the truth behind it, unless the adults kept secrets.

            “That’s impossible,” I heard someone mumble under their breath.  I looked over at my father, watching him rub the stubble under his chin.  He looked down at the floor, deep in thought.  I looked over at my mother, but she just stared out the window, rocking back and forth, humming as if it calmed her.  Her eyes bulged out and her fingers trembled with fear.

            As Uncle Bill jolted the van into drive, he zoomed out of the long driveway and to the road.  My stomach lurched, and I grabbed onto something before I fell over.  I grabbed onto Annalisa’s arm, startling her and she jumped and fell sideways.  She looked over at me, startled.  Her face loosened and we started to laugh.  Our uncle needed to learn to drive safely.

            “Selena,” Annalisa said as the road flattened out.  She looked at me with somber eyes, twirling the end of a curl with her fingers.

            “Yes,” I replied, watching her careful, skittish movements.

            “I feel like everything is going to change today,” she replied.  She looked down at the floor and sighed.  “I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I feel like something is going to happen that changes everything we ever knew.”

            “Well, let’s just hope it’s a good sign,” I replied, wrapping my arm around her shoulders.  She smiled slightly, loving the comfort.  I was the only one she could go to for sympathy, and she rarely sought help.

            “Teresa you are so annoying,” I blurted into her face.  She walked ahead of my sisters and I, her head boiling with rage.  With the forest around us, no one could hear her yelps of anger.  I watched her pitch a fit, her hands shaking with her tantrum.  “No one cares.”

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