"We need to go shopping for our dresses soon" Sofia said flipping through a magazine displaying extremely beautiful dresses that any girl would die for but Sofia wasn't just any girl. She was a full on daddy's girl and got everything she ever asked for regardless of the price.

"We need to look amazing, so amazing that our mother's will stop going on and on about us finding boyfriends, because that is one complication that I do not need right now" Chanel replied with a sigh.

"Correct, I swear there is nothing worse than an ex pageant mom obsessed with finding her daughter a rich husband". Chanel laughed softly and pushed her hand's through her dark hair while relaxing against the porch swing and staring up at the night sky.

The person clothed entirely in black smiled to themselves as they watched the two cousin’s smile at each other. They were talking about the masquerade ball and more importantly dresses and dates. As they talked another girl passed by the window behind them and the person clothed in black’s attention shifted and they smiled.

“What an eventful night it will be” they muttered to themselves before snapping a photograph of the girl in the window and disappearing into the night.


"Please remind me why I'm here?" Cheyenne asked.

"Shh" was her only reply.

“Why do I have to help you spy on him?” she demanded of JoJo after a few moments of silence.

“Because you love me like a sister, ooh there’s Dante” JoJo hissed, effectively distracting Cheyenne.

“So that’s why I’m hiding behind a menu”. She frowned and glanced at Dante as he flirted with a waitress and then pulled out his phone.

“Chey what’re you doing?” JoJo asked as Cheyenne pulled out her phone and sent Dante a text: Hey baby what you up too xxx, a moment later her phone buzzed with a reply: Chilling at home, you? Xxx. Helping JoJo with some stuff want to hang out later xxx, she waited biting back her temper until…Sorry beautiful, I’ve got a ton of course work to do xxx.

“Liar” she muttered before shoving her phone away and removing the menu from in front of her face, luckily her back was to Dante so he couldn’t see her but JoJo could see him and she was getting more annoyed by the minute.

“Ignore him Chey he’s an idiot” JoJo said before putting on her flirty smile as her crush made his way over from Dante’s table.

“Hello ladies any chance I could steal your best friend Chey?” he asked.

“Finally, I’ve been waiting so long for this” Cheyenne joked walking over to the counter and giving JoJo a thumbs up. All morning and afternoon she'd been forced to help JoJo stalk Nate, and had lost count of the amount of time's she had warned her best friend about stalking being illegal and slightly crazy.

“They look happy” Cindy smiled warmly glancing over at JoJo and Nate.

“Good, hopefully they’ll hook up and then we can stop Facebook stalking him” Cheyenne laughed.

“Young love. Speaking of how are you and Dante?” Cindy asked nodding to the table that Dante and his friends occupied.

“I honestly don’t know, I’m sick of-”

“He’s coming over” Cindy hissed. Cheyenne frowned and carried on.

“Sick of the lies and at the moment anyone who does lie to me can just do one because I am not in the mood” she spoke loudly knowing Dante would hear every word.

“Good girl, what is friendship or any kind of relationship without trust. Because with lies comes an absence of trust” Cindy spoke wisely as Dante paused a step behind Cheyenne.

“Hey babe” he smiled awkwardly.

“Thought you were at home” Cheyenne asked innocently as she turned to meet his gaze.

“Ronan needed me” he replied refusing to meet her gaze but flashing her a crooked smile.

“Huh, do you know what pisses me off, dumbass liars who think they can get away with everything”.

Dante opened his mouth to say something but Cheyenne held up her hand to stop him.

“Enjoy texting the waitress I’ve heard she’s good at providing extra services” she hissed before turning to Cindy, “have a nice afternoon Cindy” she smiled and marched off to the side of the diner. After taking a few deep breath’s she called Chanel.

“Any chance you can pick me up?”

“Sorry sis were over at Aunt Kimmies" Chanel replied.

"It's ok then I could do with a nice walk".

"You sure sis?"

"Yeah you know what Carson said".

"Cheyenne Louise don't even think about that!"

"Yes mother, anyway see you at home. Love you".

"Love you too sissy Chey" Chanel said just as Cheyenne hung up and started the long walk home, five minutes along the way she felt goose bumps flare on the back of her neck. She tried to shake off the feeling that someone was following her and started texting JoJo and her best boy that's a friend Christian.

When she was only five minutes from home she felt a hand close around her arm and the presence of someone right behind her. As she started to scream she spun around to see the person she never expected to see again.

"Hello sissy, long time no see".

Cheyenne did the only thing she could think of to do and ran as fast as she could back to the house and up to her room slamming her bedroom door and slipping down it as sobs racked her chest and the events of that fateful night last year came flooding back.


Cliffhanger :P

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