The Basement Holds Many Secrets

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1 year before the Walsh's moved in.


"You better not open this door Jasmine."  Her father warned me and pointed to the small door in the corner of the room. 

"Ok daddy, I won't go in." She said as her dad started up the stairs and disappeared through the door. Smiling to herself she began walking up the stairs, as she got to the top she turned around giving one last look at the door before she left the basement. As Jasmine walked to her room she kept thinking about the door and why her father said not to open it, I mean what's gonna happen? Shrugging the thought away she flopped onto her bed and grabbed the stereo remote blasting it up to full volume and grabbing the nearest magazine and flipping through the pages.

     After a while she started to get hungry and ran to the kitchen to fetch a snack. Grabbing an apple she ran back to her room and to her desk flipping open her laptop. Quickly logging into Facebook, she checked her messages and wall.

"Jasmine?" Her mother called from down the hall. 

"Yeah, mom?"

"Did you open the door in the basement?"

"Noo? Why?"

"Just wondering..."

"Oh okay." She sighed and resumed looking through Facebook. She was in the middle of replying to her friend, when the screen went blank. She shook the laptop, but it still didn't work.

"It had a full battery, didn't it?" She mumbled to herself and walked out into the hallway.

"Mom?" She yelled. No answer. "Mom?" She waited, but still no answer. She rounded the corner, just as the  corner just as the lights went out. 

"Yes, darling?" She heard behind her, quickly grabbing the flashlight she pointed it behind her......

But nobody was there.....











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