Chapter 8| Good Girl

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Third Person's P.O.V

Knuckles collided with a door knob twice, followed by silence.

"Come in."

The man took in a breath, straightening his dark suit as he twisted the knob, entering the room fully. His eyes moved to land on the black tie and equally black silky shirt, wrapped with neat navey suit that that was fixed perfectly on the man sitting on that desk, his eyes never daring to move to land on his face; he knew better.

"What is it, Marcus?" The man stated impatiently, his pointy shoe tapping the desk room's polished wooden floor. Marcus lifted his sharp hazel eyes, a dark mischievous glint dancing in them, "I think you should see this." He lifted his hand up showing him the screen of the smart tablet.

The man's eyes slightly widened, before getting coated with his cold amused gaze again. He leaned back on his desk, placing his hand on the back of his neck, letting out a deep chuckle.

"My little neice has grown, hasn't she?"


Annabelle's P.O.V

I unlocked the door.

I helped Noah, supporting his weigh on my shoulders as I guided him into the empty house, plopping him on the couch and locking the house.

I grabbed the first aid kit, treating his wounds in deadly silence, my eyes stung and my bones ached. I wanted to scream at him, and honestly punch him in the face at his lack sense of danger.

I finished up his wounds with neither of us uttering a word, I got up to go to my room, "Anna." He called out, and I stopped in my tracks, feeling a stinging feeling in my chest. "I'm sorry."

I felt a single tear run down my cheek, feeling a sob choke my tears and wrap around my throat, "Noah, I hate you!" I shouted, feeling the warm liquid wash my tears, "Did you not promise to not do it again?! You reek of drugs and alcohol, you never damn learn!" I balled my fists next to me, yet my body was drained with the lack of sleep and exhaustion of forcing it to fight against it's own stamina.

"You broke your promise too, you knocked down two guys infront of the whole school and possibly the world with the amount of phones you were recorded on!" He snapped at me, and I just felt blood drain from my numb body, fear and thoughts and memories attacking my brain and crushing my skull.

"You made a mistake, Black. And your little friend will pay for it just like you made me and my friend pay." His dangerous eyes locked into mine as I cowered back into myself, the classroom was void of any teachers or students, no one could hear my silent voice, no one could hear our pleas.

I wanted to shout at him to not get her involved with this, but his body was trapping my own in the small desk, and I didn't dare to move, the fear was pinning me like a snake. He leaned in warningly, making me glare back at him.

"Faith will break under my hands, and when I'm done with her, I will make you regret the day you stepped foot into my city."


"Shut up." I warned Noah, a headache pressing too harshly on my skull to argue, and the tears have drained my entire energy to even press further into the matter.

"What, you're gonna blame me for what happened again? Just like Faith!" He shouted in frustration, and I felt his words pierce through my heart like a blacksmith's sword, tearing me up from the inside. He said something that I know sober Noah wouldn't cross the line with.

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