Part 18

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Mike's POV;

It was around 1am in the morning. June had fallen asleep. Lizz still hadn't returned yet and Texas was pacing the room like a mad women.

"Texas Babe. Lizz will be fine"

"But Mike she's been gone the whole night"

"Inoe but she must know him to go looking for him"

"mike can we go look for her?"

I knew Texas was going to ask me this. I knew it before it even came out her mouth. Texas wouldn't sleep till she knew Lizz was okay.

"Okay yeah but call her one last time"

Texas grabbed her phone off the side and called Lizz. It was apparent from Texas face that Lizz hadn't answered

"No answer Mike, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah sure"

I grabbed the keys and leave behind Texas.

"What if June wakes" I ask walking slowly still not sure if this is relevant but not wanting to stop Texas either.

"She can call us when she wakes now cmon" demands Texas

I hurriedly catch up with Texas. 

"okay so what's the room number?"

"i don't remember sorry" she replies

We eventually came to reception and a small brown haired lady was at the desk

"How may i help you" she asked a smile across her face

"Well hi. we was just wondering what room Dylan's located in"

"Dylan who?"

I looked down embarrassed we was not getting anywhere

"Dylan who.. works here"

The lady looked confused and told us to wait a moment

"Tex listen we have to find the room our self they wont just give us the room number"

I took Texas in my arms and hugged her tight 

We walked to the stairwell and read the map. It had a list of floors but nothing stood out

"am tired Mike, maybe when we go back to the room she will be there" Texas rested her head on my chest,

"yeah but if she's not you musnnt get upset, she's fine she knows who he is so let me take you bed"

I pulled Texas along to the lift and we made it back to our room

..I knew damn well Lizz wasn't back so when i opened the door and saw no sight of her i was only wishing to prove myself wrong 


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