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"Good night." He says with gentle eyes,

that hold me in with such surprise,

as I lean in he leans away,

"Jared, I'm not gay."

"I know that man,"

I whisper softly,

my voice so calm it also calms me. 

My heart it pounds,

it bounds and leaps,

over herdle and herdle.

"Please just once, I beg you please, hold me while I fall to sleep." 

My mind clouds over, 

my eyes are filled,

with tears that I have yet to spill.

"Alright...." He says,

his brown eyes soften,

"Come here then Jared, this wont happen often." 

His voice is stern,

but warms my heart.

And in his arms I fall apart.

My tears stream onto his skin,

they sparkle and flow in rivets,

he holds me closer,

then he pivets.

 He's lookig down,

into my eyes,

I gasp with such surprise,

he kissed me that very night.

that very night,

in darkness and fright.

His name is Jim,

and on every whim,

i do love him.

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