When i arrived back at the motel Jess and Sam greeted me by grabbing the Tesco's bag and jumping on the bed opening the cookies and digging in.

"So, what took you so long? Sam questioned, with his mouth full of cookie crumbs.

"You probably wont believe me when i tell you, but i was talking to Jack.." i answered.

Sam and Jess both spit out their mouthful's and look at me mouth's gaped open.

"Shut. up." they both said together saying each word separately.

After i had explained everything to them, what we talked about, the facts i had his number. I asked them if they would like to come with me to hang out with the guys tomorrow, they agree straight away after i had told them Jack asked if we wanted to. 

After eating all the cookie we all fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

~.~.~.~NEXT DAY~.~.~.~


I slipped out of bed, excited as ever and grabbed some grey washed skinny jeans, Blink 182 tee and maroon zip-up hoodie and jumped in the shower, this was after i had woke up Jess, Sam and mum.

I walked back in towel drying my hair, as Jess raced to the bathroom to get in the shower. I figured i'd leave my hair curly for today, not really being bothered to straighten it as my straighteners take 5 minutes to heat up fully, and put on simple eyeliner and mascara.

"Morning mam!" I said loudly.

"Hey! whats happening today?"

"Well, last night after the show i met Jack and he wants to meet us all and spend the day with us, as the have a few days to spare, if its okay with you?" i answered.

"Yeah sure that's fine!"

"He wants to meet you too mam!"

"huh? why me?" she laughed back.

"Why don't you ask him yourself!" i said sarcastically.

At last Jess and Sam were both ready and i grabbed my phone and door key and we all walked to the oh so famous wall that me and Jack had that special talk on, the time being 11:26 i figured i'd wait till 11:30 then call Jack.

Those 4 minutes went faster than ever, and i found myself ringing Jack instantly. 3 rings and a mopey voice picks up.

"what?" He answers.

"Oh nice to see your awake late boy!"

"Shit! I was meeting you at Tesco wasn't I? um, come over the bus?"

"And where might that be?" I said slight laugh in my strong welsh accent.

"Behind th-" interrupted by a loud thud. I asked Jack if he was okay, knowing he fell out of his bunk.

"yeah, ow-  yeah I'm fine, go behind the venue and tell the security our secret password to get through. Its, ur, 'Kevin McAllister'" he laghed then we said goodbye and we made our way to security.

I chuckled before i said the 'magic word' and he let us all in, walking over to the bus i knocked on the door and soon enough Jack answered.

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