3 years earlier.

~ Cassie’s POV ~

I’m Cassidy Helen Bones, I’m 16 years old. I have auburn hair and green/blue eyes, they change color. I’m about 5 ft 6 and I’m skinny, like really skinny. My family thinks I have eating problems. They’re not totally wrong… But my real problem is that I have an older sister, Alice Lucie Bones, and she’s 20. She has schizophrenia since forever. Her disease just keeps getting worst every day and I’m worried about her behavior. She has anger problems and we can’t really do anything without her being mad. And right now she’s in crisis, so I hide myself in my room because I don’t want to get hurt. She’s my sister so she wouldn’t hurt me you think? Wrong. She has bitten my cheek and I needed stitches. Fortunately, I have no scars. She has also strangled me, but my father arrived in time and stops her. She often fights with my parents, because they keep protecting me. Oh, but don’t get mad at her, she doesn’t know what she does at the time, and she always apologize.  

I heard some screams come from downstairs, Alice again made some troubles to dad and mom… When it became quiet again, I heard a knock on my door. I told the person that was there to enter; I saw my dad pop is head from the door.

‘’Hey Cass, stay here, k? We need to call an ambulance. Again.’’

I simply nodded at my father and he returned downstairs. I hated it when they need to call an ambulance, Alice always gets really mad, because she don’t like hospitals. I don’t blame her though, I don’t love them either. Well, when you have a sister that has schizophrenia, and doctors say that you suffer from eating trouble, you don’t like hospitals.

I heard some falling noise from downstairs and I instantly knew that Alice was hurting my parents. I also heard my mother cried, really hard. I gulped and get up of my bed, maybe they need some help? So I went downstairs. Not a good idea, my mother was on top of my father’s body, sobbing. And Alice was nowhere to be found. I went next to my mom and kneeled down.

‘’Mom, what’s happen?’’

‘’She hits him, with a pan.’’ She said, still sobbing.

‘’Is it bad?’’ I was pretty scared now.

‘’I think. She hits him on the head Cass. She was freaking out when she found out that we called the ambulance. And she lost it.’’

‘’Where is she now?’’ I gulped.

She looks at me, wide eyes.

 ‘’I don’t know…’’ She trailed off.

I stood up and looked around me. If we don’t know where Alice were, we could be in bad trouble. I thought about something.

‘’Alice, baby. Come here please. We’re not mad, we’ll sit together and watch a movie.’’

I wait a little bit and get no answer. Damn. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my shoulders. I cried.

‘’LIAR!’’ Alice cried to me.

I turned around and saw her with a knife. Oh my god, she just stabbed me! It freaking hurts. I look in her eyes, and saw nothing. Her eyes didn’t show any life signs. She was not there mentally. She pushed me and I hit my head on the floor. Ow.

‘’You’re just like them! They want to hurt me! It’s why you called an ambulance! You want me to be confined with others crazy people! I’m not crazy!’’ She shouted at me.

‘’Alice, calm down! I know you’re not cra…’’

She cut me off by stabbed me in the stomach, I screamed bloody murder. It’s hurt like a bitch! That’s when my mom enters the room and jump on Alice to help me. She shoves mom off her, turn around and stabbed her right in front of me. Right in the heart. Mom didn’t even flinch; she just lay there, dead. Then Alice turns to me, with a sadistic smirk on the face.

‘’You know she was going to hurt you to, baby sis. You have trouble too; I’m not the only crazy girl here. You’re anorexic Cassie. You need to consult.’’

She tried to approach me, but I was backing off. I didn’t want her to stab me again. That’s when I heard the ambulance’s siren in the street. They’re going the save me! I was smiling, not like Alice though.

‘’You bitch! You really thing they’re going to make it in time? I’m going to save you from yourself. You’ll thank me later, you’ll see.’’ She whispers to me.

She jumped on me, with the knife raised in the air. She was going to kill me! I move a little, but I still felt the lame dug into me, into my upper thighs. I screamed while I heard the ambulance in my driveway. They probably heard me, because they broke down the door and enter the house, really fast. When they saw everything that was going out, one of the man jump on my sister to bring her away from me, and the other checked on my parents and on me, to make sure we’re alive.


I woke up in a white room. It was hard to open my eyes. But when I succeed, I saw my dad by my side. He was asleep. I heard my heart monitor. So it wasn’t just a dream, Alice did went too far this time. They’re going to intern her! I don’t want this to happen! Or maybe I do? It’ll be much easier for us. My dad started to stir next to me, he’s going to awake.

‘’Cassidy! You’re awake!’’ He said happily to me.

‘’Yes dad! Ahem… how is mom?’’ I said in a sadder voice.

‘’She… she didn’t make it hun…’’ Tears were starting to form in is eyes.

My world crumbles. My mom is dead? WHY?! WHY HER!! I NEED HER BY MY SIDE!! I NEED MY MOM!! I started to sob uncontrollably, and my heart monitor was going crazy. A nurse came into my room to calm me. She shot something into my veins and I began to sleep again.


3 years later (now).

~ Still Cassie’s POV ~

I woke up, shaking. It’s not the first time I dream about that day, but this time it was more painful. ‘Cause today, it’s been exactly three years that Alice stabbed us, my mom and me. Alice’s still in psychiatric, she’s not better than before, she’s still a danger for everyone, especially me. She didn’t recover from her crisis, she has a goal now, and it’s to succeed at killing me. We discover that a few days after the incident. I removed the sleep from my eyes with my hands, and went for a shower. I needed it.

I’m now 19 years old, I’m 5 ft 7 and I dye my air bright red. I didn’t want to look like that night, so I changed everything; my lifestyle, my hair, my goal in life and, of course, my style. I’m studying for become a tattoo artist, I always wanted to do that, but I had others goals before. I wanted to be a doctor, to help my sister and other people like her. But now, I just want to do my own things, and think of me. So yeah, that’s it. I’m a tattoo artist, and I’m a little bit Goth, but a glamour Goth. I don’t live with my dad anymore; I have my own apartment in L.A. I don’t see him often, it’s not like I wanted it that way, but he decide to keep living in our house in Iowa. So I moved in California and made me up a new life.

If you wanted to know, yes I’m still the little weak and anorexic Cassie from before, but I’m getting better now. I consult and try my best to love me for me. It’s hard, but at least I’m trying.


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