Usually people are excited about finally entering high school, which I will admit sounded fun, but for someone like me who's an outcast because of my style and personality, and who only has one friend, who at the moment was still in South Korea for the summer, I had nothing to look forward to. The last week of summer came all too quick I wasn't quite ready to go back to school. I was laying on my bed just imagining how wonderful life would be if I could live in my room for the rest of my life watching K-dramas and listening to my favorite K-Pop groups. I don't think I was asking for much all I needed was internet, my laptop, and fruit in order to survive.

Don't get me wrong it's not like I never went outside, in fact I loved sports and running for hours with my dogs. The only thing I didn't like were people, humans were cruel and had no love for others but themselves Jasmin had been my only true friend since sixth grade. She was the only one who wasn't afraid to speak to me when all those rumors about me randomly kicking people's ass spread around. I was known as the school's delinquent only because I joined a boxing gym in the 7th grade. This is what I get for getting into other people's business and try to defend someone.

I knew how cruel people you don't even know could be especially my family. I somehow had a deeper connection with my dogs than I did with my family. My family if you can even call them family had this deep hatred for me that I could not understand. I don't even remember when this started but enough of that.

Today was not one of those days were I could talk about my life or be a bed potato and have a K-Drama marathon. Today was special.

Today there was going to be a BBQ to welcome all the incoming freshman. However that wasn't what was special.

I finally got up and started getting dressed after all it was a special occasion and I at least had to get out of my sweats and wear some jeans and a nice blouse. Today I was going to meet an old friend.

As I finished I went to go look for my older sister to ask her for a ride there. My sister Sam was one of the leaders that helped freshmen in their first year of high school. Although she acted like the goody to shoes at school she was far from it. It was going to be a real bitch telling her I needed I ride but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I walked up to her door and knock gently before going in.

"Sam Can you give me a ride to the BBQ?" I said with pleading eyes. She looked at me and said "Why would someone with no friends want to go? Come on you don't even eat meat what's the whole point of going." I was just about ready to tell her off and just walk there but the school was about 45 minutes away walking and I didn't want to get there late so I literally pinched myself before saying what I said next.

"Sam can you please give me a ride to the BBQ today I promise I won't go near you to get attention." I literally almost ripped my skin off just by saying those words, but she was my only option for a ride.

"Oh come on Sam let's take her she might finally meet someone and pop her cherry." Sonia said, as if being a whore was something to brag about. Yeah she lost her virginity in the 8th grade and bragged about it to all her friends like she was some goddess. They ended up giving me a ride.

Sonia and Sam were twins they had long brown hair and black eyes, they were soon to be seniors, which they had been bragging to everyone. They were so spoiled I hated them. They weren't even my real sisters we had different fathers because my mom was a major whore in her younger years and only married my father, who you would think would love me more than my sisters, but on the contrary believes every lie they tell him about me and lectures me on how I should be more like my sisters. I think the only reason he's even nice to them is because he feels bad that they haven't met their fathers, and because I look so much like my real mom when she was younger. When my mom died 4 years ago my dad changed completely he started to go out and come home with random women that's how he met Maria and ended up marrying her and taking in her 2 daughters. I've stopped thinking of him as a father for a while now.

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