Chapter 9: Pregnancy Mix

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 I was at the shop and regained my focus on Tomas!

 "How could you?! You bastard!"

 Then I started throwing punches at him, but Ruby and Lesslie held me back! Then Tomas said

 "Gotta go!" Then he was gone.

 "Luna!" yelled Ruby. "What's going on?!"

 "He... he.... he raped me!" I said with a tear coming down my cheek.

 Ruby let go of me and gasped.

 "Oh my gosh!" Said Lesslie, putting her hand over her mouth.

 I stopped crying and anger filled in. I turned towards the door and ran out of it. I was finally out of everyone's sight and quickly shifted. I was so mad and upset at the same time. I stopped, and I realized someone was following me. I looked behind me and it was Lesslie and Ruby, but the were werewolves now. Ruby was gray and she suddenly turned back to human form. So did I, but Lesslie didn't. I fell to my knees and started to sob. Ruby came over to me, picked me up, and said

 "Let's go."

 Then me, Lesslie, and Ruby started walking back to camp. Finally Lesslie used telepathy to say

 "Come to the side of me so nobody will see you guys naked."

 Me and Ruby went to the side of her and quickly got to my door. I pushed through the door and ran to the bathroom. I put my head over the toilet bowl and threw up. I got up, washed my face, and wiped my face with the towel next to me.

 I walked out of the bathroom holding my stomach. When I got into the living room, Ruby and Lesslie were already changed into their normal clothing. I went back into the bedroom and put on some Capri's and a huge t-shirt that belonged to Blade. I put my purple, soft slippers on and walked out of the bedroom. I saw Lesslie and Ruby talking on the couch. Then they looked at me worried.

 "Luna come here." Ruby said in a low voice.

 I walked over to them and sat carefully on the couch.

 "So we don't know if you're officially pregnant yet."

 "I just threw up in the toilet." I said.

 "It takes three months for a werewolf to give birth." Said Ruby.

 "But a werewolf and a vampire?" Asked Lesslie.

 "That never happened in our history of our pact before." Stammered Ruby.

 "Guys stop!" I yelled.

 Then I thought of Blade and my eyes started to water again.

 "What are we going to say to Blade?" I asked.

 "Oh crap! We aren't going to tell him right now." Lesslie said.

 "What?!" I exclaimed.

 "She's right, Luna! We can't tell Blade! He'll go crazy!" Ruby said.

 "B... But what happens when my belly gets bigger after a week? He is going to know I'm pregnant." I said.

 "You will tell him when you think it's time." Lesslie said.

 "We will be here with you, too!" Ruby said, clenching her hands together.

 "Okay." I said unsteadily.

 "I wonder what the baby's going to look like. It's probably going to have your beautiful eyes, Luna." Ruby said.

 "Don't worry. Everything will be fine." said Lesslie.

 "Yeah. I hope so." I said.


------------------------------------------------------> Luna as a Werewolf

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