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I have always been certain of just one thing,

The sky is always blue and the grass always green.

Until one bad day when I said with a frown,

"I wish the sky black, and the grass to be brown!"

And the it happened, a miraculous thing,

The sky wasn't blue and the grass was not green!

I stopped and I stared, the grass brown and sky black,

And then I shouted, "Change it back, change it back!"

A small man walked up and the odd little fellow,

Said, "Make the grass orange and then make the sky yellow."

And again it happened, the miraculous thing,

The sky still wasn't blue, the grass still wasn't green.

I stared at the man and he gave me a bow,

"You made the grass orange and sky yellow, but how?"

With a laugh and a chuckle, a wave of his hand,

He kept colors changing all over the land.

I fell to the ground and I sat in one spot,

And I watched as the colors kept changing a lot.

The magic man saw me and said after a while,

"Which colors can I choose to make you smile."

I knew right away what I wanted to see,

"Just make all the colors how they used to be!"

And then it happened, a miraculous thing,

The sky had turned blue and the grass had turned green.

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